Friday, April 24, 2009

24 Arpil 2009

We went out this morning. Helped my mom to mail some boxes of books to my brother in Australia. One thing lead to another and we only came home at 1230pm.

Today we didn't read any Bible stories. Finished all the stories for the week (we have been reading 2 or more stories per day. :0), so we read William bennett's "The Children's Book of Virtues". It is a highly recommended book but I find it a bit boring. Even the beautiful pictures in it are boring. Den is Ok with it though. She don't love it but Ok. The only good thing about it is some of the prayers and rhymes are in King James language. Den get to hear word like "Thou", "dost", etc. That is part of the good thing about using Sonlight. We get to read variety of books, including books that I wont normally buy or choose or Den to read.

After that we read another 2 stories from the "Little Golden Books". Another book I would not have buy it on my own. It was a bit of the struggle at first but Den and I grew to enjoyed this one very much. It is a collections of stories from the 1920-40 era. We learned a lot of words that we don't usually use nowadays.

Then we do phonic. Today we learn a new sound "K".

We finished our first half of lesson with one of our favorite - The Berenstain Bear's Big Book of Science and Nature. It is a great book cover all the things preschooler (and their mommy) need to know about science -- season, weather, month, year, animal, plant, earth it self, machines, matter, energy, etc. It is the last lesson today. We are kind of sad. I think we will read this again, may be at the 2nd half of the year.

Any way, in today lesson, papa bear did a fun experiment and we did the same too. We make a paper airplane, then blow a balloon and stick it to the airplane (just use hand to hold the air not tighten it). Then let go of the balloon, the air will fly the paper plane. Our balloon was a bit too small so it did not work well but now at least I know how to make a good paper airplane!!! It can fly real well!!! :)

Then we have lunch (store brought). This time our conversation is about why princess are dump. The conclusion: Little Mermaid is the dumbest of all princess, since she choose to leave her family for a prince. She doesn't even know the prince (only know he has pretty face!!!); the second dumbest is Snow White - accept food from stranger; last but not least, Sleeping Beauty who disobey her parents and touch the spinning wheel. :)

After lunch we did phonic worksheet from Phonics First Book 2 (from popular, RM8.50 ). I think it is a good book to practice on isolating the sound. It is using picture instead of words (for example, does this two pictures -"Bat" & "Bed" begin with the same sound?) so it is good for pre-schooler who haven master reading. Den is quite good in identify the beginning sound but have some problem with the ending sound. We did 3 pages today.

After that she did 1 Chinese worksheet and 10 math questions (using counter) while I write this. Instead of 2+2=? Today we do 2+?=4. She has no problem with that. So I think I will start teaching her subtraction next week.

She just finished her homework and it is 5pm now. She is going for her Chinese lesson now-- Chinese cartoon in Goodtv!!! hahah! Ok, going to cook now.

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