Monday, April 20, 2009

18 April 2009

It has been a very busy week. It is going to be worst next week. So I decided to homeschool Den today. Eventhough it is a sat. We usually off on sat. Family day since ST is not working on Sat.

I designed a new sudoku for Den today.Before this she was using "Nick Jr. Dora the explorer Easy Sudoku Puzzles #1". It is a very good book to start kids on sudoku. It use colorful Dora pictures instead of numbers. That take the pressure off writing numbers and kid can concentrate on the game it self. Besides that the sudoku in the book is a simplified version. With 4 boxes in each sudoku instead of 9 boxes. There are always extra stickers left and that can be reward for finishing each puzzle.Den love the book but it takes a lot of concentration for her to do the puzzle. At least at the beginning (we started this when she is 3 years old). It is also a great book to carried when we travel.

She finished the whole book 2 weeks ago. I was looking for a step 2 sudoku but could not find it in any book store. I think the next step should be doing sudoku with numbers instead of stickers. But 8 boxes is too hard for her, so I'm looking for one that has 4 boxes or 6 boxes. I cant find any.

Finally, I gave up and designed my own. Using the dora book as guide and just change the puzzles to numbers.Den love it. She finished 3 puzzles while we were waiting for our dinner. It take too much time drawing up boxes. So I'm use words and design a few of them. I'm going to let her do may be a few more then will easy her into the 6 boxes.

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