Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweden is still sleeping at 11am

Hmm...Den hate to sleep.

It has always been a struggle for me to get her to nap. We cut down to only 1 afternoon nap before she was 1 years old. I pretty much stop forcing her to nap before she was 2. It was not worth the trouble and the fights. Plus, I'm worry if I continue to force her to nap I might psychologically damage her to hate sleeping forever (that's what happen to me! )

Nowadays, she never nap. Even on Tuesday when she has ballet class in the afternoon and Yamaha at night. She will sleep around 10-12 hour every night though and I think that is good enough.

The only exception is on Sunday. We leave the house before 730am. She usually sleep around 10pm or later on Saturday. Which means she only have 8 or so hour sleep. So we always want her to take nap on Sunday afternoon.

She did that yesterday, slept for 3 hour (3-6pm) and cant sleep at night!! I get her to bed at 1230am and she rolled and turned and cant sleep at all. Finally, I gave up and we went to study room together. She read books and I planned her lesson for this week. We went back to sleep at 3am!!!!

So she is still sleeping now even though someone (no idea where) is renovating his/her apartment and kind of noisy!

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