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29 April 2009

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I thought I wont be blogging tonight. It was a lousy day. I'm half sick - sore throat, headache, fatigue; the weather is unbearable, despite the rain in the afternoon (thank God for the rain, though); the unit right beneath us is undergo some major renovation, the noise make normal conversation almost impossible (I almost cant hear my own thought); it was also a cleaning day.

I was stressed too. When I looked at my schedule last night, I realized I wont be able to achieve what I wanted to achieve this week both in homeschooling and in Sunday School planning.

I really want to sleep early tonight since I know I will be awaken by the noise at 9am tomorrow. 9am is really early for someone sleep at 3-5am. But I cant sleep. So I get up, did my devotion and started the blog.

When I started to examine my days more closely, I realized, despite all the bads, there were some goods too.

Good thing no #1:Den practiced her piano, did 3 sheets of works (1 on telling time, 1 on addition, 1 on subtraction) all by her self while I vacuuming the house! Then she play "Dr. Seuss's ABC" CDRom while I cooked noddle for lunch. She finished "J" today.

After that we have a very quick lunch because I misread the clock and thought we were going to be late for her 3:30 ballet replacement class. Only found out after she finished eating, we still have one hour to spare (may be I'm the one who need to do more time telling worksheet). So that is definitely Good thing no #2. I thought I wont have any time to homeschooling Den today and I ended with one whole hour!!

We started of with Bible verse. Then since we already finished all the Bible stories for this week, we read a story from "The Children's Book of Virtues". Today story is about George Washington cut down his daddy favorite Cherry tree. George told the truth when he was confronted by his dad.

Den asked me, "if I do something wrong, then when you ask me and I tell you the true then you wouldn't be angry any more?"

All the warning bulks lights up in my brain, I knew I need to answer this carefully.

So I said, "Mommy will still be angry but I will be even more angry if you lie about it." Hope that was a good answer :) We ended the session with prayer.

Then we read finished off "The Year At Maple Hill Farm". Its kind of grew on us and we actually didn't want it to end...but I still think it is very pricey for such a thin book though. :)

Then we looked at one of our favorite "A child's book of ART". Today we looked at the classic painting of farm animals (what a good link with "The Year At Maple Hill Farm", thanks Sonlight!) and we also looked at the farm animals pictures and words from "A First Word Bank".

That's all we did today before we have to leave for Ballet. Only when we were about to leave the house, we realized it RAIN!!! All the clothes I hanged at my balcony were soaked wet but what a small price to pay for RAIN!! Hahaha! That should really count as Good thing no#3.

What was even more amazing, it stopped raining right before I have to step out of my car and buy the parking ticket. I didn't even need an umbrella. Good thing no #4.

After ballet, we went back to my parents house to run some errants with them. Ate dinner and then my hubby, ST came and get us home. By that time, I was half death. I thought I would never make it home (I know I'm dramatic, that's why I love Adam Lambert!). Blessedly ST took care of Den, play UNO with her, bath her, changed her, prepared her for sleep...definitely Good thing no#5.

Den fallen asleep real fast today. She was awaken by the noise this morning too therefore not enough sleep. ST & I actually get to spend some quality time talking, yes, Good thing no#6.

Just now, right before my devotion, I saw a picture of Den when she was 4 months old. I was suddenly struck by wonder. Did God actually entrusted us - ST & I, such imperfect creatures to take care of one of His precious creation? It is amazing. Good thing no #7...also plus the fact that she is so much prettier now compared to when she was 4 month old...hahah!

I'm feeling quite good now after counting my blessing. The day was not bad at all with so many good things happened. :)

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