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06 Jan 2010

I did it again! Wrote the wrong date!! So I corrected it with the right date.

We are finally back in MLY and had 3 full days here. We had every intention to catch up on our study in these 3 days. However, sometime, things just happened....

On Monday when we started our study in the morning (still on week 3...I was wondering...will we ever ever get out of week 3!!!), we got a call from W&W's daddy. He needed to run some errands and asked if I would be able to babysit W&W for him. Off cause I said yes, it is always great to have friends over.

So I finished whatever we started and let Den worked on a math worksheet, internet link about Greece and practiced piano while I vacuumed the house. I had not vacuuming for the past 2 weeks! We had been in and out MLY and had not been spending more than a two hours stretch in the house other than sleeping. I planed to vacuuming on Monday afternoon but since W&W were coming, I just did it earlier.

W&W came a bit later than plan, so while waiting for them, we did the science experiment we did not get to do in SG because we did not have the material then (refer to previous posting here). We made a weather vane and we checked out the direction that wind blows. Then we recorded down on our scrapbook.

When W&W arrived, I just let them played. I still think kids their age need play more than study. They played dressed up, puzzle, cooking toys, fighting, etc then they had Milo shake before W&W left around 4 something. We had dinner with my parents then we came back and studied a bit more. Believe it or not, we finally finished Week 3! I almost cant believe it my self! :)

I woke up a bit early on Tuesday to prepare week 4 lesson. I don't know how other parents do it but I prefer to read through all the materials first and that usually takes 1-2 hour and sometime more. Half way through, the electricity was disrupted! I called the management and was told there was a notice on the board (which I did not read) about there be electricity disruption for the whole day! Something to do with the maintenance.

Den woke up and so I packed some of her books and went to my parents house for the rest of the day. The good thing about staying in my parents house is I don't need to cook! So even thought Tuesday is always our busy day with ballet and Yamaha, we actually get to finish quite a lot of study.

We started with week 4 Bible verse - Matthew 7:12 the Golden Rule:
Do to other what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

It is quite a mouthful for a 5 years old. Then I thought of a Steve Green's CD I bought long time ago. There is a song for this verse in that CD. So I played the song until both of us can sing it. It really helps a lot! How I wished I did not accidentally miss out the CD and Bible from Sonlight!!!!

After that we read a story from I heard Good News Today (under Bible & Christian Stories) since I did not bring the Word & Song Bible CD set to my parents house. We read about how Apostle Thomas brought the good news to India and how his attitude changed over time - from being afraid of suffering to willing to die for Christ.

While I was reading the story, I suddenly had a new understanding about suffering for Christ. You see, I had always been worry about what if one day, we are prosecuted in MLY because of our faith in Christ...well, looking at the political situation nowadays, it seems very possible it will happen in a very near future. I am not so worry about the actual dying part but the torture is another matter.

While I read this story, I suddenly has a new understanding, I suddenly realized, yes, prosecution will bring great suffering, but then so are cancer and other diseases. So it is just that instead of suffering on the hospital bed, we can now suffer for Christ! That is not a bad trade off! I suddenly understand why some of the warrior think dying on bed is a shame because if dying is something everyone has to experience, then we should make it worth something.

After that, we prayed. I did not shared my new understanding with Den because I did not know how to explain it. I will when I find the way to explain.

After that we read 3 pages of Mother Goose & 2 pages of The Llama who had no Pajamas(under Rhymes & Poem).

We had a bit of time after lunch before ballet, so we watch a Han Yu Ping Yin VCD, Den got for her birthday. We watched the first section. It was quite interesting, it introducing the 4 sounds in Chinese langauge. Den has a bit of problem with third sound but she had fun learning. Thats all we did for Tuesday.

We got the most done today. We woke in the morning, no electricity disruption, no friend coming over, so we concentrated in studying.

Den practiced piano and also did her eye excise before we started.

After that we started our study with Bible verse and Word & Song Bible (about Joseph interpreting dreams) and prayer.

Then we read about the Romans in Children Encyclopedia (under Science) and put in the stickers I printed out into Book of Time (under History).

After that I let her work on a few worksheets while I cooked lunch. After lunch, we practiced on piano again, we wont have the chance to do this again until next week. So I wanted her to put in more.

We also check the wind using our weather wane and recorded down the result.

After that I let Den choose science or history. She chose science. We actually finished the whole week of science in one day (minus all the activities because I don't have some of the materials or don't have the time, we will do the activities next week). We studied about rocks, fossil, earthquake, tsunami and volcano. We also watch the Discover & Do DVD (under science). However, we did not use any of the internet link yet because I have not had the time to check them out.

Den draw a picture about how the leaves drops and decomposed and become hummus in her scrapbook.

We also read a Chinese book published for the kindie in China (refer to my previous posting here). It talks about insects.

We actually had time to dance a bit before we had to go out for dinner with my parents. I decided to stop going to my line dancing classes because I dance during Den's ballet, eventhought that saved lots of time but the down side is I cant see her dance. Besides that I will be away a lot so I decided to quit. Den promised she would dance with me at home. So she did today. Hopefully, I can pick it up again in SG. I am a horrible dancer but I think dancing is good for my brain and coordination.

Before bed, we finished the Boxcar Children (Under Sonlight K Read Aloud). It was kind of bitter sweet. Sweet because it was such a delightful book, sad because we had to say goodbye.

The next book on the line is The Apple & the arrow. A totally different type of book. Very interesting but kind of heavy. I'm still reading it. Hopefully we will enjoy it as much as Boxcar Children

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