Friday, January 29, 2010

28 & 29 Jan 2010

Some days, we just don't feel like studying.

Yesterday was one of those day. We just felt suffocated at home. So we decided to skip school and spent the whole day at IKEA play center and bookstores...if we had a library we could have spent the day there...since we don't, we can only spend it at mall. We love IKEA mall because it has three book stores.

We decided to be really "bad" so we ate McD for lunch and ChocoTop for dessert...then when we reached home in the evening (before rush hours), it was actually not raining, so Den went down to the pool and swam/played for an hour.

After dinner, I let Den choose what she wanted to watch and she chose Tom & Jerry and so she watched an hour of Tom & Jerry (a very very rare treat for her!) while I skped with my hubby and replied email and read (bought a novel).

At night I let her chose a book for me to read to her (I realized I have not been letting her choose read aloud book since we started Sonlight...every nightly or daily read aloud are all Sonlight books...), she chose a very simple book called Where's My Teddy? (under non Sonlight read aloud) Eddie lost his teddy bear and he tried to find it in the jungle. He found an enormous teddy instead. Eddie could not understand how did his teddy grew to such a big size. Eddie was upset because teddy is too big to cuddle and would not be able to fit in his bed.

At the mean time, a real bear with the opposite problem, his teddy has shrunk to a tiny bear. Real bear was upset because his teddy is to tiny to cuddle and would have lost in his bed.

Real bear with a tiny teddy met the boy with the enormous teddy. They both get back their own teddy and rush home to cuddle and sleep.

Very simple and very short story. Den enjoyed it. After I read it for her, she said pitifully, "I looked at the book many many time but you have never read to me until today...."(Ok, I repented, from now on, I will let her chose read aloud book more often! It just that...sonlight has so many read aloud book...)

Today I had a part time maid coming over clean my house for me. So Den and I have to work around her.

We started Week 6 verse today:

Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name; you are mine. ~ Isaiah 43:1

I love this verse but it was not easy for Den. Just explaining the words redeem, took up to 15 min. There was no song sample for this song in Sonlight website, at first I thought I would have to wait until ST get the CD back from US for me (I some how forgot to order the CD when I order Sonlight and I cant order later because the S&H would have killed since ST is in US for training, I order the CD and have it deliver to his hotel for FREE!).

But then I realized, I cant wait because it was really hard for Den to remember this verse without song.We recited many many time but still I don't think she was getting any closer in memorizing it. So just now, I went online and check and see if anyone wrote a song for this verse and Viola! Hillsong has a wonderful wonderful song for this verse! I love the song. I cant wait to worship with Den using the song. You can listen here .

After that, we read a story from I Heard Good New Today (under Bible & Christian books). Today we read about how Columba, an Irish bring the good news to Scotland. A few days ago, we read about how St. Patrick brought the good news to Ireland and now because of the good work of St. Patrick, Columba's family get to know Christ. When Columba grew up, he became a missionary like St. Patrick and he brought the good news to Scotland. We prayed and giving thanks for all the missionaries.

After that, we read two chapter of Come Look At Me (under Art). Since this is not in Sonlight schedule, sometime I actually forget to read it. Followed by a lesson in Week 6 science. We learned about grassland today. Den did the science worksheet.

Den did not concentrate well today, so I deiced not to continue. Instead, she practiced piano, did Yamah homework and I started her on Sonlight Reader 1. She has only finished Lesson 64 in Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons but as far as I can see, it should not have any problem for her to read I Can Read It! Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1). Especially if I go through the word list with her first. So I let her read 3 pages today. She has no problem with sounding out all the words, but I wanted her to read more fluently and naturally. After a few reading, she was improving. I'm going to let her do it again tomorrow.

I have been reading a book called Read Right! (under Language). The author is against phonic and whole language methods. Very interesting, I don't totally buy into it but will definitely use some of the technique suggested by the author. Training Den to read fluently is one of them. Before this, I only make sure she can read out all the words.

After lunch, she wanted to work on a Princess sand art card. We are going to her friend's birthday party this coming Sunday and she wants to give her friend the sand art card. She worked on it for about 30min, then I had to stop her because I need to send the maid home. She was 10% done. We will work on it again tomorrow.

After we sent the maid home, we went to bookstores again. This time in Atria. We bought some interesting games and books. Will share with you next time.

For review & info --For K books - (updated 29 Jan 2010)
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