Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 Jan 2010

We are done with Week 4! Yeah!

In week 4 history, we focused on Ancient Roman. We learned about their food, their house, their clothes and the way they travelled. The internet links are fun too. Check them out if you want some info about Ancient Roman.

To print out coloring page of Roman in their costume, check out:

To dress a Roman soldier, click here:

To make Roman clothes, Roman food, Jewel, etc, check out:

To throw stone on a Roman guard (really fun!! Den played for 30 min!) check out this:

I also printed out some very good worksheets about Roman from a BBC site, however, today when I tried to accessed the site again, it was not I decided not to include the link here.

There are some good site in the Science section too. Check this out:

Take a closer look at an ammonites fossil -

To see the formation of fossil -

To know more about the earthquakes - . I also shown Den newspaper clipping on Haiti's recent earthquakes and we prayed for the people in Haiti.

To build a really cool volcano and see it erupt at

To see a short film about volcano, check out

We also did a simple experiment to see the different layer of soil. We stole some soil from my mom's garden, put the soil into a see tru glass jar, put in water and tighten the lid. Shake it and let it stayed put. Shake it again 2 hours later and let it stand for a day or so and that's what we get. I also let Den draw the result in her scrapbook. Her reading is kind of hard to read - hummus, water, clay and sand.

We have no formal math lesson for the past couple of weeks. I just let her did a lot of addition and deduction worksheet. Today, finally, I taught her minus large numbers (up to 99 without burrowing). She has no problem in understanding it. So I am going to teach her adding with carrying next week.

We also read a Chinese book today. I have not been using the flash cards. It is time to start again next week.

Last night (or should I said this morning) I finally sat down and wrote down the rough study plan for each week. Just a rough guide. No idea if it is too much for each week. Im will adjust according, I supposed. I also make a table to keep track of her learning.

Phonic Lesson - 1
Eng Reading - 1 book (Den read)
Dorce List/K LA – 1 lesson
Math lesson -1/wrksht 2
Math worksheet - 1
Chinese Flash card -1
Chinese reading -3 (I read 2 Den read 1)
Piano Practice-3
Writing - 2
Physical Activity 5
Games 3

I decided to add in the Physical Activity in the list. I am not an outdoor person. Given a choice I will just sit in the house and never step out. So I really have to force my self to make sure she move enough. We are doing quite good this week in that part. She went to ballet on Tues, IKEA playland on Wed, we played ball on Thurs and she danced and jump rope today. Hopefully we can keep that up.

For review & info --For K books -;
Pre K books-

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