Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 Jan 2010

Den woke up later than usual, so we did not get to do all the things I planed to do this morning. For the past few weeks, she only sleep around 10 hours or slightly more. I was worried for awhile because she used to sleep 12 hours. Then 2 weeks ago, I read in a report, from 5 years old onward, kids average only need 10 hours of sleep. So somehow or rather, her body knew that she is now 5 and only need 10 hours of sleep.

We have been so good in studying the past two weeks that I'm a bit behind on the lesson preparation. I stayed up til 3am this morning still could not finish preparing week 6, but then I detoured and make a lapbook for the Apple & the Arrow.

So this morning, Den and I did our work at the kitchen (bigger table), so that I can prepare her lesson at the same time.

I found a free unit study and lapbook about The Apple & The Arrow (under Sonlight K Read Aloud) at homeschoolshare.com yesterday. This is one of my favorite site for unit study on books. Check out the one on The Apple & The Arrow at http://www.homeschoolshare.com/apple_arrow.php

From the site, I printed out a set of questions about William Tell (the hero and the main character in the book) & Gessler (the bad guy). There 10 discussion questions about each character. I think these are very good question and can be used to study any character in any given book. Questions include:
  1. Where does he live?

  2. When did he live?

  3. Is he real or fictional?

  4. Write six words that best describe his appearance

  5. If you could meet him, what would you ask him?

  6. Name four character traits that he exhibited.

  7. Choose one of these traits, look it up and define it below.

  8. How did he exhibit this trait in his life?

  9. Did people like or dislike him because of this trait? Why?

  10. Do you think this trait was pleasing to God? Why or why not?
I was a bit worry it might be too difficult for Den. So instead of question and answer, I set it as discussion topics. She has no problem with that. She understood the questions well and she contributed most of the answers.

After that we looked at the lapbook I make last night, first we looked at different weapons they used in Middle Ages. Then we learned a little bit about the feudal system (King, Noble, Clegy, Serf - I learned that tru the internet last night). We discussed the characters in the Apple & the Arrow and who fall into which category.

After that She colored the flag of Switzerland.

Then we skyped with her dad dad for awhile before we ate lunch.

After lunch, I let her listen to one of the Usborne Young Reader CD Book (under CD/DVD). The title is The Stories of Castle and it touched on the feudal system (even though, it does not use that word) and the Middle Ages. I think it was good fit for her. Especially we are going to study about Middle Ages on Week 8 history.

That is all that we have the time to do today. After that was Ballet and Yamaha. She decided to sleep over in my parents house tonight. So this will be a good time for me to catch up on lesson preparation.

For review & info --For K books - http://www.squidoo.com/booksforK
Pre K books- http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel

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