Saturday, January 9, 2010

08 Jan 2010

In my last posting, I mentioned the probability of prosecution Christian might faced in MLY and now less than 2 days after my last posting, a few idiots threw homemade bombs into 3 different protestant churches in Klang valley! The reason? In protest of the MLY court allowed a Catholic publication to use the name Allah as Lord (in Christian context). Some of the Muslims seem to think they have the exclusive right to use the word and not any other religions. ??????? What can I say?????? The fact that they cant even differentiate a Catholic church and a Protestant church already said much about their stupidity. Instead of apologizing, some of the Muslims issued warning right after their Friday worship to all the races in MLY not to hurt the MLY Muslims' feeling!!! Right, only the Muslim has feeling. We get bomb and you told us not to hurt your feeling??? I don't know whether to cry or to laugh!

The question now is what should the Christian in MLY do?

A brother wrote in FB, we should forgive the sinners. Hate the sin and not the sinner. I totally agreed with that but forgive does not mean we just sit and do nothing. Or just issue a statement to condemn the action. We cant just leave it to the government and the police either. It has been proven again and again, they have their own political agenda. So what should we do? I don't know. Yet. But I know doing nothing is not an option.

Den and I started a new read aloud book today - The Apple & the Arrow (under Sonlight K Read Aloud). It seems kind of fitting. It is about the legendary William Tell. William and 32 men decided they had enough of the BS from the bailiffs sent by the Austrian ruler and thus conspired to revolt on the New Year of 1291. But William was in trouble before that day came. He refused to kneel down to a ducal hat put up by the governor. His eldest son, Walter and him was caught. True to his cruel nature, the governor put an apple on Walter's head and asked William to shoot it with his crossbow. William did and later, he managed to escaped and killed the governor with his crossbow. His skill and his bravery inspired many to revolt on New Year day. They won the battle and so it begun the little country of Switzerland.

A man took a stand and a nation was born. It is time for us to take a stand too.

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