Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 Jan 2010

Since my husband, ST is not around, we school on Sat. (Since he is usually not working on Sat, we make Sat our family day) We went to mall yesterday on Friday and did our grocery shopping without the crowd.

I started today vacuuming. Den practiced piano, did two pages of phonic worksheets and some coloring.

After that, we started Week 5 Science. We finished all the reading and the worksheets. We have not done the DVD, the experiments and the internet link.

This week we studied the river, the mountain and the desert. Learned a few things my self - like how the formation of water fall, snowline, treeline, etc. I knew this word "glaciers" but did not know it is actually solid icy water moving downhill slowly.

Actually according to Sonlight schedule, I'm supposed to do science very day. One day 2 pages of the Encyclopedia, 1 pages of worksheet, a few internet link and may be an experiment. Den and I find it too little. We prefer to do a whole chunk in one setting. In fact if it is not her friend EE was coming over to swim, we would have done the experiment as well.

EE came over to swim at around 5pm. They played til around 6pm, then showered, snacked and it was time to say good bye. Den started to cry (she is not too good in saying good bye esp to her best friend) and EE insisted she wanted to spend the night in our house.

We have been talking about leting them have a sleep over one of this day, but so far, the timing was not right and both of them were not very ready. Den would insisted EE to come over to our house to sleep and Ee would insist Den to sleep over in her house, that kind of stuff, so we decided to wait. Then today, out of the blue, EE decided she was ready.

Since she insisted, we decided to let them try.

After MA (EE's mom) left, I fried rice while they played. They ate and played some more and watched an episode of Between the Lion (under CD/DVD). We went into the room and read bedtime stories and getting ready to sleep early because tomorrow is Sunday. We go to church very early in the morning.

We offed the light at 920pm. We were supposed to sleep together in my room. More than 1 hours later, both of them still cant sleep. They did tried but EE started to have running nose and one thing lead to another, both of them were wide awake. I finally gave up at 1045pm.

I told them they can read quietly in the study room. They did.

We decided we were going to try let two of them sleep in Den's room. Den has not been sleeping in her room one month after we moved to this house, that's a long story for another time. But today, she was very keen in trying with her friend.

At midnight, once again, we said good nite and I left them sleeping in Den's room. 5 min later, Den was crying her heart out! She was really upset. She explained she tried to sleep but she really really missed me!! So I ended up in the room with them. Den finally fallen asleep at 1245am. When I left the room, EE still was not asleep yet. I am going to check on her later, hopefully she will be asleep already.

As a whole, I think both of them were great in this last minute sleep over. Den let EE played with any toys she wanted (including her precious princess computer) and let her wore her favorite princess pajamas to sleep. EE was so braved. She was having running nose (must have catch a cold during swim) and yet never once asking for her parents.

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