Thursday, January 21, 2010

21 Jan 2010

We were good today, stayed at home and studied.

We started with singing the verse (finally memorized the song now). Then we read a chapter from
I heard Good News Today (under Bible & Christian Books). It was about how the monks of Lindesfarne protected their beautiful handwritten Latin Bible (contained the four Gospel) from the Viking.

I shown Den a book I bought last year from the Christian Book Fair called 我的第一本祈祷书(My first Prayer Book). Inside the book, there are many examples of handwritten Bible passages and prayers from the Middle Ages. Very beautiful.

Then we prayed together and gave thanks for the opportunity to read His words freely and also prayed for those who did not have the opportunity to do so.

After that we continued our history lesson on Viking. We read about their food and also their ship - longship. We also check out the internet link. If you want to find out more Viking, check out this:

1.To build a long house and a longship -

2. Spot the out of place things in a Roman & Viking villages (very fun! Den got 4/5, no bad. Meaning she has been paying attention to all the lesson we did)-

3. For Viking coloring page and other info, check this

After that, I need to go cook lunch. She work on math worksheet and Viking coloring.

After lunch, we practiced piano and songs from Yamaha. Then we started our Chinese Lesson - Hairdresser Party II (for info on Part I, click here).

We started with the song and I also printed out some flash card for the new words we covered on Part I. Then I introduce a new word -名片(business card). I explain what is a business card and why we need that and what should be put on the card. I shown her some examples. Then we make our hairdresser business card.

I let Den chose the clip art she wanted and she came up with name for her shop -- flower! We make up mobile number and address. Then we printed it out.

After that, we started our play. I played the customer first then was her turn. We had fun.

After that, she watched Chinese program from GoodTV for about 30 min and jump robe for 15 min before we eat dinner.

At night we read another chapter of The Apple & The Arrow (under Sonlight Read Aloud). We finished chapter 4. One more chapter to go.

After that, we watch one episode of Between the Lions (under CD/DVD). Recently we gone crazy with this PBS production. It is a phonic program but it is soooooooooooo much fun! I actually watched it with Den because some of the content need some explanation plus I really really enjoy it my self. I would recommend it for kids from 5-8 years old.

For review & info --For K books - ;
Pre K books-

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