Monday, January 25, 2010

25 Jan 2010

had so much fun at our last week Chinese Lesson (to read about our hairdresser Chinese lessons, click here and here), we decided to do another themed lesson this week.

We started of the day with week 5 Bible Verse (Den can sing it all by her self now) and a very encouraging story from I Heard Good News Today (under Bible & Christian Stories). It is about St. Patrick. I knew the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's day in March 17 but have no idea why. This story explained it all - how Patricius Sucatus, a young lad from an English Christian family was kidnapped and sold as a slave to Ireland. There, he realized how the Irish feared their gods and he wanted to share with them about Jesus. 6 years later, he escaped home but he never forget the Irish. He studied and went back to Ireland as a missionary.

After that, Den led a prayer and prayed that we will be like Patrick and share about Jesus with those who does not know him.

Then, we read 4 poems from The Llama Who Had No Pajamas and two pages of Mother Goose (both under Rhymes & Poems).

After that, we started our Chinese Lesson. In order to encourage Den to speak in Chinese, I started this theme game with her last week. This week we are going for the theme of Birthday Party since her birthday and her dad dad birthday are both in this month and so are quite a few of her friends. In fact, we are going to her friend's birthday party later this week.

I make up a song using the tune of Five Current Buns:

五份礼物全是我的 (5 presents, all mine!)
有大有小有高有矮,要先开那一份?(big, small, tall, short, which one should I open first?)
五份礼物全是我的 (5 presents, all mine!)
打开最大的,现在剩下四份 (Lets open the biggest and now I have four)
四份礼物全是我的 (4 presents, all mine!)
打开最小的,现在剩下三份 (Lets open the smallest and now I have 3)
三份礼物全是我的 (3 presents, all mine!)
打开最高的,现在剩下两份 (Lets open the tallest, and now I have 2)
两份礼物全是我的 (2 presents, all mine!)
打开最矮的,现在剩下一份 (Lets open the shortest and now I have 1)
最后一份,不舍得打开 (the last one, I don’t want to open it now)
把它藏起来, 明天才开。(Let’s hide it and open tomorrow)

Den decided we are going to celebrate one of her bear's birthday today and she named her 冬儿。

We started with the song. I explained some of the unfamiliar words. After that we make a list of the guests 冬儿 wanted to invite and a to do list.

I also printed out some invitation cards for her and we discussed about what to write at the back of the invitation card.

After that, I left her alone to color the invitation card while I cooked lunch.

After lunch, we make a birthday "cake" for 冬儿. My sister in law's mom gave us a special Christmas present last year. It is a DIY ginger bread house. Very pretty but we have not had the time to do it last year. So I decided we should make that our birthday "cake".

We spent quite some time making the "glue" - mixture of egg white, icing sugar and lemon juice. We are supposed to use the "glue" to stick the house together and also "glue" all the deco on it. However when Den saw all those sugary deco, she refused to "glue" them on the house...I wont have let her eat them if she use the "glue" because of the uncooked egg white.
So we ended up just stacked the house (looking quite good I think, just cannot be moved) and put whatever deco we can on it without the "glue".

After that Den was supposed to make 5 presents (1 big, 1 small, 1 tall, 1 short and 1 medium), I surprised her with 2 real presents for her. She had so much presents for Christmas and Birthday that I decided to keep two for later and this is a good opportunity to take them out. She was very pleasantly surprised.

Then I had to pretend to be 冬儿's friends' parents and called her up to ask for direction. Finally, everything was ready. All the "friends" (2 dolls and a dog) came to 冬儿 house (Den's room), we played hide and seek many many time before it was time for the cake.

We went to the kitchen, took photo, sing birthday song in Chinese, make birthday wishes and ate the cake....Den ate the cake.

The guests and the host from left -Mary, Ester the dog, 冬儿 the birthday bear and Dolly.

After that, Den sang the song again and I let her opened her presents.

New Words:
• 生日会(birthday party),
• 一份(one piece),
• 生日卡(birthday card),
• 邀请卡(invitation card),
• 生日愿望(birthday wish),
• 生日日期(birth date),
• 生日礼物(birthday present)

New Skill:
1. Making an invitation card
2. Making a party list –who to invite, To Do list
3. Decorate party room
4. Make cake

We are going to review this lesson later this week. I had some ideas we did not have the time to do today, will do it another day.

After the "party", it was time for GoodTV Chinese children program and dinner cooking time for me.

We also did an experiment today. To see the tubes/veins inside a plant that carry water up the stem to the leaves, we put a stick of celery into a jar of red water. Four hours later, we cut a slice from the stem and we saw tiny red dots surrounded the stem - they were the tubes/veins that carry water.

After dinner, we looked at some of the interenet link for week 5 science. These are some of the link we looked at:

1. River -
2. A short video of how a mountain is formed -

3. A short video about glaciers -

4. A very interesting short movie about the animals in the desert and how they adapted to the hot weather -

After we saw all the link, Den was still quite alert, so we decided to finished the last chapter of The Apple & the Arrow (under Sonlight K Read Aloud).

Since it was about the independent of Switzerland, I decided to read a bit more about Switzerland for her. I bought a book called "Times 1000 words around the world" at the Big Bad Book Sales last year at RM3!!! It has write up of 43 countries around the world with pictures. So today we read the page about Switzerland.

I decided we can do a little bit more about The Apple & The Arrow. I downloaded some free materials from the net and tomorrow we are going to make a mini lapbook about The Apple & The Arrow.

Thats all for today. Hmmm...we have done quite a lot.

For review & info --For K books - (updated 25 Jan 2010);
Pre K books-

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