Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Games that we play

We were kind of busy this week. Lots of going out, visitations, etc. May be everyone is already in Chinese New Year mood. We don't have much sitting down and study time, instead we tried to do a bit here and there and fully utilized the in between time. I thought we did not do much but when I sit down and recorded down what we did everyday, I was pleasantly surprised that we get quite a bit done.

A few friends asked me how do I keep track and planning the daily study. I am one of those people has to have list and plan. So I use MS word to plan out our daily study schedule (what I plan to do...the idea plan...usually we did not finish or we detoured...but still I need a basic plan) then every night I check and revise and record down what we actual did. Every Sunday I sum up all the things we did that whole week. For example, how many math worksheet Den did last week that kind of thing and making plan for the week to come.

Some of the things I will totally escape my notice unless it is in the plan, for example crafts and physical activities. When I did my weekly record two weeks ago, I realized we did not do any craft for the whole week. So I compensate it and did 4 crafts last week!!
Physical activities is the same, I have to set target and force my self to play ball, walking, swim and etc with Den.

I also have a column called game. I realized we have not been playing games for awhile. My DH used to play game s(like puzzles, UNO, etc) with Den every nite. Since he is away, I need to start playing game with her.

We went to the "Made In China" store at Atria and bought a few games:

1. Who Is It? (RM7.90) A very easy deductive game to play. Taking turn asking question and see who is the fastest to guess the person your opponent choose. Skill: Asking Question & Deductive power.

2. Monopoly Jr. (RM 26.90) Den played the normal monopoly game in SG and loved it. I decided to get the Jr. version so that she can play with her friends (without ME!!). Same concept but easier -- money is $1-$5, no extra property card, all the property price are written on board (property price also square to the fine when others landed in yours), chance cards come with pictures and pretty much self explanatory. While I am writing this, she is actually teaching W&W how to play the game.

3. Animal Chess (RM4.90 Popular) I remembered I used to play this when I was around 7 years old! Den played this in her friend's house once and loved it and so we bought it. I rather bad with game like this (cant plan more than 1 step ahead) so she can actually win when playing with me!

4. Hide & Seek (RM25.90) I bought that two years ago but it was too difficult for Den. Now I'm taking it out again. It is a logic game and it came with a book of 48 challenges.

I also want to start her on Master Mind and I am pretty sure we has two set of that somewhere but could not find them yet. =D

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