Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 Feb 2010

Den wakes up quite late in the recent few weeks, around 11am to Noon. But then she sleeps quite late at night, around midnight to 1am. It works well with out Chinese New Year schedule. I will have to slowly change it back to a more normal sleeping time later.

She woke up at around 1130am this morning. After hug hug and breakfast, we started our study at about 1215pm. We decided to finish the last chapter of My Father's Dragon (under Sonlight Read Aloud) because we just loved that book.

After the reading, Den answered 10 questions about the main character - Elmer (for questions, please check out my previous blog here), I wrote down her answer for her. After that we finished working on the lapbook we make for My Father's Dragon.

The last few times I mention lapbook in my blog seems to bring more questions to those who read my blog than answer them. So this time, I decided to blog about My Father's Dragon Lapbook in an individual page, so that I can give more detail. To view, please click here.

After that, I cooked fried rice and we ate lunch.

After cleaning up, we practiced week 7 verse. We actually started week 7 before CNY but when I looked back, I realized I did not blog about this. So let me fill you in. Week 7 verse is taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in
Christ Jesus.

At first it was hard for Den to memorized this verse, but for the past 2 weeks or so, I have been using this verse in our daily prayers and today, she can said the whole verse without any help from me.

We also finished week 7 history before and during CNY. It focused on Medieval period. Since I'm going to do more about this with Den later this week or early next week, I will wait to tell you more about this.

Today, we read 3 pages of Mother Goose , 2 pages of The Llama Who Had No Pajama (both under Rhymes and Poems) and 1 painting from Come Look With Me (under Art)

After that we read 2 topics from week 7 Science. One on waves and one on current. I find them quite boring topics. We also did a simple activity to make waves - Get a 1.5 or 2 little clear bottle. Fill 2/3 with water and put in blue coloring (we only have we had) green sea), then fill another 1/3 with mineral oil. Cover the tap. Put the bottle horizontal and tilt it back and forth and you have wave. Personally, I did not think it looks too much like wave but Den enjoyed it.

After that, I let Den worked on math worksheet. Before CNY, I taught her carrying and burrowing. She can understand both and she can do carrying worksheet without any help. However, she had a bit of problem with the burrowing. She cant work on the worksheet her self, I would have to stay with her, or else it took her forever to get done. After a few sitting with her, I realized her problem is not on the burrowing. She was not good in minus with anything more than 10. She was very slow and sometime lost track with what she was counting.

So I decided to backtrack. I will let her work on a lot of minus (more than 10, for example 12-7) worksheet before I will let her work on burrowing again.

Today she worked on 16 minus questions and she finished them in 20 mins and without making any mistakes. Good!

After that, we went back to my parents place to have dinner with them. We planned to study after dinner but Den decided last minute to follow my mom to church for choir practice. So I'm free to blog!

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