Wednesday, February 17, 2010

17 Feb 2010

Officially, Chinese New Year last for 15 days...but for us, it ended today when my DH went back to SG. It was hard to say good bye even though we know we are going to see each other again next week.

After he left, Den and I tried to get back to our daily routine. She practiced piano, read 2 pages of I Can Read It! Book 1 (under K Read Aloud), then watched a bit of GoodTV Chinese program.

Den saw a photo of someone writing Chinese calligraphy in the newspaper and asked me about it. So I took out my "four treasure of the study" ( 文房四宝)- Brush, Paper, Ink stone & Ink stick (yup, we are doing it the old fashion way) and Seal. She was my 书童 (study maid?), helping me to grind the ink while I wrote.

After that she tried her hand in writing. Not bad for the first timer! The attachment on the Left is her writing. The only problem is I my self are really bad in calligraphy! Haha! So it was like a blind leading a blind. May be I should learned it my self first.

While I cooked dinner, Den practice handwriting with 2 pages of Handwriting Without Tears. I planned to study with her after dinner but some how she decided to play keeping shop. So for the past 3 hours or so, she ran a cafe, a restaurant (with self made menu and top up discount card!), then finally a clothing shop. She was having so much fun that I decided study can wait til tomorrow!

This is her self made menu, from Left - Mixed Fruit at $10.00;

Middle - Hot dog with fruit juice at $12.02

Right - Japanese Tea at $5.10

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