Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese Lesson Song for Chinsese New Year

Just finished writing a new Chinese song for Chinese New Year. I have not come up with the lesson plan yet. Decided to put it in first, just in case any of you want to teach your kids to sing for CNY.

(Tune: 小小姑娘,清早起来)

新年好呀 新年好呀 祝福大家新年好(Good new year, may everyone have a good new year)
我们唱歌 我们跳舞 祝福大家新年好 (We sing, we dance, wish you a good new year)

大年除夕 大年除夕 每个人都回家 (New year eve, everyone goes home)
大年除夕 大年除夕 一家团圆吃晚饭 (New Year eve, we have reunion dinner)

大年初一 大年初一 穿上新衣上教堂 (1st day of NY, put on new clothes and go to church)
大年初一 大年初一 恭喜恭喜去拜年 (1st day of NY, visiting others)

大年初二 大年初二 舞龙舞狮真热闹 (2nd day of NY, dragon & lion dance)
小鼓咚咚 大鼓锵锵 大街小巷喜洋洋 (small dram dong dong, big dram chiang chiang, rejoicing)

Ok, thats all I have the time to do for now. Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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