Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 1 Nov 2009

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to &

We finished week 33 last week.
We have a new verse from Proverbs 11:1-
"The LORD hates cheating but HE delights in honesty."

Its an easy verse. Den memorized it right away.

The Bible reading is about Last supper and Easter. So I decided to read 8 chapters in one sitting. From The last supper to prayer in Gethsemane to arrested, judged, crucified to resurrection. I think it is easier to get the big picture that way. It was quite a long reading though.

We also continue on the science book, Why Do Tigers Have stripes? (under Science) Very good book. Den loved it very much. So far we enjoyed sonlight's science books very very much. Too bad our local bookstores do not carry any of these books.

Den also continue to work on math, phonic and writing worksheets.

We read 1.5 Chinese books. Our friend lend us a few Chinese books that are published by China 南京师范大学. There are meant to be used in China Kindie. We love the books and have been reading them. For every book, there is a theme, then there are stories, poems, game, facts about plants or animals and even songs that are related to the theme. This is the example of one of the book we used:

This is the story for this book.
One of the many poem in the book. Some are modern poem like this one and some are 文言文

I like this part very much, it always has a section on plants or animals.

Some time it will include a song. With the music score, I can play it on the piano and learn the song.
I don't think we can buy this locally. Wish we can.
We are going very slowly with our Chinese flash card but her vocal vocub seems to improve a lot. So I am trying not to panic. :)

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