Friday, October 30, 2009

30 & 31 Oct 2009

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to (updated 30 Oct 2009) &

We finished week 32 yesterday! :)

I did not use the verse for week 32 because Den is still not too familiar with week 31 verse. So we continue to practice week 31 verse.

We started a new Science book in week 32 - Why Do Tigers Have Stripes? (under Science 2). It is an interesting book about how animal camouflage. We read 4 pages today that talk about how animals use their body color and pattern to hide from their enemies and prays. We will continue this book for the next few weeks.

I also taught her about adding large number without carrying, for example 22+54. It is a logical steps after our last lesson 2 weeks ago about learning the tens and ones (pls read detail here). She was a bit confused at the beginning, then I realized I need to give her some review on the tens and ones (since it was taught 2 weeks ago and even though she insisted she still remember the lesson). After that, she did a few exercises without problem.

Today she did another 5 questions on this. She only spend about 10 min on it, much faster than yesterday. I intend to continue to let her do exercises everyday until she can master it before I will teach her subtracting large number.

Last night we went to MPH and I found a Kumon's Word Problem math workbook for grade 1. I choose a few questions from different sections and tested her. I was pleasantly surprised that she had no problem with all the questions I asked her. From the way she came out with the answers, I can tell that she really understand the concept of adding, subtracting and number relationship.

Today, I need to prepared tomorrow Sunday School lesson so just let her did her math and writing exercises and asked ST to read 2 Bible stories with her. The rest of the time, she spent it playing card games, puzzles and swimming with ST.

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