Thursday, October 15, 2009

3rd week of oct 2009

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to &

We intended to start homeschooling this week but I got sick. So we went a bit slower than what I have planned. This week, we did 2 phonic lessons. She is getting better and better in decoding the words now.

We also did Chinese flash card with 4 new words - 什,么,出,来。

We have not been using Qdees math for some time now. I stop at book 6 (lost book 7 when my friend SH past the system to me) about 2 months ago. For the past 2 months, I just drilled her with lots of worksheets - plus & minus (below 20). She is getting quite good with that, so I decided to continue the lesson this week. We did book 8 and almost finished the whole book in one lesson.

Book 8 introduced the larger number - to 100. She already knew her number til 100 but I think the book introduce the numbers in a very easy to understand way, so I decided to go tru with her.

Book 8 introduced counting quickly in tens. For example 40 is 4 tens. 42 is 4 tens and 2 ones. I think after the lesson, she understand the numbers better now. I think the next book will be adding double digits.

We also finished off Sonlight week 28 and started week 29. The bible verse this week is "Husbands, love your wives. ~Ephesians 5:25" I find it interesting that they actually included this verse in kids memory verse.

Besides all these, she did phonic, math & Chinese worksheets. I was very happy with the phonic worksheet she did today. She was given 9 pictures and she need to write down the spelling for each object - bat, tap, bag, hat, cat, fan, rat, van & hat. She only missed one-she wrote baC instead of baG.

Her phonic is getting better and so is her handwriting. Having said that, there are still lots of room to improved. I decided to go online to find alphabet guide. I found some good free guide from the handwriting without tears website I saved them and printed them out and put them in her homework helper lapbook. So that she can use that to write and complete her homework.

We have been using handwriting without tears (refer to my previous posting here) but I have never went to the website until today. Hm...should have done that earlier, can even download most of the the songs that it mentioned in the book! Ok, late is better than never.

When I was in SG two weeks ago, I met a pair of parents with a 2+ DD. They were amazed at what Den can draw. I kept telling them Den only able to draw like this recently but they don't seems to believe me. hahah! So I decided to put some of her previous drawing here, so that you can see the progress.

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