Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Oct 2009 _1 month after surgery

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to (updated 10 Oct 2009)

My almost 5 years old DD, Den had a surgery to correct her squint one month ago. (For the detail about that, please refer to my previous post).

When I looked back at the past month, we had not been doing much. For the first two weeks, we took it easy because I did not want to add any stress to her body. I just read aloud a lot of stories for her whenever I can.

3rd week was Hari Raya and we went out almost everyday with families and friends. It almost felt like Chinese New Year just minus the Hong Pao.

28th Sept, we went back for eye check up and her ophthalmologist was satisfied with the result. Praise the Lord for that. After the initiate 3 weeks, Den did not complain about double visions or dizziness any more. Her eyes still tend to get red at the corner whenever she is tired though.

Most probably, we are going to bring her back to the orthoptist for detail check up to make sure she is really using both eyes now. She is also praying that God will take away her astig so that she does not need to wear glasses. ST & I have been trying to build up her self esteem - she think she is very ugly when she wear her glasses - but that is another story for another day.

30th Sept to 4th Oct we were in Singapore again. My DH, ST accepted a job there and we were down there scouting for good area to stay.

I brought along a few tiny books for her to practice reading - Scholastic Phonics Reader 2 & Brand New Readers Green Set (both under Review - Language),
and worksheet for her to do -Disney Princess Addition & Subtraction (under review- math)
& My Bible Activity Book (under review - Bible & christian stories 2).

To entertain her in the long car ride, I brought along the lacing toy that she enjoyed very much during our cuti-cuti MLY & SG trip (read more about it here) and I also found a wonderful series of CD book from MPH midvalley - Usborne Young Reading (under Review-CD Book). I bought one of the title before the trip - Stories of Prince & Princess. She loved it so much that I went back a few days ago to get another 3 titles -Pinocchio, The Princess & the Pea, The story of Castles. There are still many many more titles available at RM19.90 each (20% off if you go on Wed, member only til end of OCT 2009).I have not given the new books to her yet. May be I will wait til the next long car ride.

When we were in SG, we visited a kindergarten. It is run by a church and has a good review and according to the parents in SG parenting board, it is not so academic.

I was playing with the possibilities of sending Den to K1 kindergarten in SG for 2 reasons - 1st, when we move there she is going to miss all her friends in MLY, this is the fastest way for her to get to know new friends. 2nd, everyone bug me about how good is SG education system and think I shld not miss the opportunity for sending her to attend SG school. So we decided to check it out.

It was quite a disaster. It was a big school with hundreds of kids. We went there during the supposed to be "fun time" - exercises before the class. The teacher leading the exercise on stage had no expression on her face. In fact, none of the teachers there (except for the principle) smile!! There were a lot of class works and they even have Spelling homework for the K2 kids every week!! The principle explanation - so that kids would be able to get use to going to Primary!! Yes, I'm sure those kids whose start going to school since 3 years old will be very well adjust for Primary, so well adjust that they will be totally bored with school by P2!

The scary part is this is supposed to be the not so academic driven kindergarten!!!

Ok, at least that is an easy decision - I will continue to homeschool Den. Just have to find out ways for her to get to know more friends ... a bit difficult...looks like all SG kids are in school...shall pray about it.

We did not do much fun stuff this time round. We had a free day on 2nd Oct, so we decided to go to the Science Center near where we stayed. We worried it would be a bit difficult for Den and she might not enjoy it as much as zoo and bird park. Surprised! She loved it! We spend closed to 8 hours in there! She especially enjoy the optical illusions section since we talked about this before (I thought I wrote about this but I don't seems to be able to find it any where in my blog! ).

I loved the futuristic section, where you could control the screen without touching it, played harps without strings, had a fake pond that move when you "push" the water. If our environment continue to deteriorated, we might need that soon.

ST loved the F1 stimulation race. He was no 1 in the race!

We had to miss one of the fun sections- water work - playing with water!! because we did not prepare extra clothes to change! :(

Den think it is even better than zoo & bird park! haha!

After we returned from SG, Den beg me to start homeschooling her. I love homeschool because Den beg me to school her instead of the other way round!!

So this week, we did 2 lesson of Teacher Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lesson (under review-Language). She did not forget any of the sound, just forgot one or two sight words. In fact I think she is getting faster and faster in reading.

We also practiced Chinese flesh cards - only forget 3 words. Very good.

Besides that we also finished one week of Sonlight program and a new Bible verse - Pride goes before...a fall. Proverb 16:18.

She also did some math and Chinese worksheets. As a whole, I think she did not forget anything important even though we stopped school for closed to a month.


  1. Har, there certainly are homeschoolers in Singapore.

    My 3 older ones went to a rather non-academic kindy, I'd say. No spelling either in k2. However, I'd be looking for a kindy more Chinese in environment for the youngest.

    I'm sure your kids will be well adjusted to p1 whether or not they go to preschool.

  2. Thanks! May I know which kindy did your kids went to and which area? Im really not familiar with Singapore, would appreciate any recommandation.