Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cuti Cuti MLY & SG

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel (updated 11 Aug 2009)

We just camp back from our 19 days trip around MLY & SG. It was a very long trip. I'm not sure exactly how long did we travel. Hmm...need to ask ST about it (1970Km in total acc to ST). For those who asked, this was our schedule:

Day 1 - Selangor to Muar (breakfast), Batu Pahat (lunch), JB (dinner) and finally reached SG at nite.

Day 2- SG zoo
Day 3- SG bird park (Den is crazy about animals...she want to be a zoo keeper when she grow up...)

Day 4- Children Church, then Orchard Road (bookstores, surprised to find SG bookstores carry more or less the same selections of book as MLY...was hoping to find more hard to get book there...dissappointed...or I just went to the wrong bookstores?)

Day 5-Church, I shared with some of the sisters involving in Children Ministry.

Day 6- SG to Kuantan (lunch) then reached Cherating for the night

Day7 - Kemaman (branch), Rantau Abang (see sea turtles) and reached Kuala Terengganu for the night

Day 8 to 12 - Pulau Redang (we like it so much that we kept extending our stay there, so we ended up have to skip Perlis)

Day 13- Took the earliest ferry out of Redang and visited KT Islamic Civilization Park then reach Kota Bahru for the night.

Day 14 - KB, we watched wayang kulit at night.

Day 15- KB to Belum Forrest (Gerik), we saw some wild mushrooms!

Day 16- Belum to Pulau Pinang.

Day 17&18- Makan in P.Pinang

Day 19- P. Pinang to home.

At first we planned to travel for 4 weeks then I realized Den would have to miss 4 weeks of Yamaha! That would be a bit too much. So we ended only going for 19 days. We started our journey the day after her Yamaha, then came back before her Yamaha. Even with that, she missed 2 classes. We have to see tonight if she can still catch up. (note: she can!)

She was a bit advance (she was one song ahead of teacher) before the trip and practiced as much as she can the week before we go. In SG, she also get to practice since we stayed in our friend SX house. After SG, for the rest of the trip she had no access to piano. So she practice on book, pretending she was playing on piano.

On our last day, we went to my uncle house in Penang. He has a piano in his house, so she played it. She did not play as well as usual. She practice yesterday (after we reached home) and today and she seemed to be doing alright...at least to me..next time may be we can miss 3 classes...haha!

One of the things I worry the most before the trip was how was she going to travel for so many hours. We had a few long stretch of driving - Selangor to Singapore (with the detour, it took about 6 hours), Singapore to Cherating (8 hours), KB to Gerik (4 hours), Penang to KL (4 hours)

So I packed a bag full of stuffs for her to play. There are books, magazine, craft, etc. No only they can be played in car, they are good for rainy days when we were stuck in hotel. These are some of the things I packed:

1. a new toy -for long trip, I always prepared a new toy and this time I chose a lacing toy that are very inexpensive and yet fun to play. I got it from the 'made in china' shop in Atria for RM16.90. She had hours of fun with it and it is good practice for fine motor skill, creativity and eye hand coordination.

This are to of the examples of the works we did together. I make the face for the rabbit/cat (haha, cant tell), she did the body and hands. She also did the hair for mermaid.

2. Magazines - I bought 3 - two Charlie & Laura that usually have fun craft to do like this time we make spider together and one Disney princess that usually include simple math, stories and coloring (bought from newsstand, RM7-RM9)

3. Magnetic game board - contains 12 games including Tic Tac Toe, Draughts, Hoppiti, etc (bought frm MPH at RM26.90)
4. CDs- especially the Wee Sing series (bought from various bookstores - RM39.30 for one CD)
5. 2 bottles of playdoh ( we ended up did not use them)
We did not have any formal study time, but I brought along some materials for part learning, part playing:
MATH: Sudoku board & a math workbook.
LANGUAGE: two talk about book, that has vivid pictures to stimulate talks- Yackety-yak, the Alien's Back & Then and Now (see review at "talk about book" section)

SCIENCE: a book about science (part of Sonlight) - How do you lift a lion? (see review at "science" section)

BIBLE: a short story book (part of Sonlight) - The Gods must be angry (see review at "Bible" section)
PHONIC: Scholastic Sound-Out-The-Word Phonic Readers Set 2 (See review at "Language" section) -It has 5 little books, we only managed to read book 1 & 2.

CHINESE - 奶各中的青蛙, a German chapter book translated into Chinese.

LAPBOOK - this is the first attempt at lapbooking. I get all my templates from the net then printed them out and pasted them on a folder the night before we travelled.

On the front of the lapbook is a record of our traveling. Everyday, Den wrote down the no of day we traveled on one of this little book, then I helped her to write down the date and the places we were in and also recorded inside the food that we ate. Then at the end of our travel, Den was supposed to choose the food that she like the most during this trip and I would help her to make a pop up page. She ended up choosing 5 food instead of one -面薄 from Muar, a famous bread with kaya and butter from Kuala Terrenganu China Town, Spinach soup from Berjaya Redang Hotel, 油炸鬼from Kota Bahru and Egg toast from Penang. She cant decide which one is her favorite and insisted she love all of them. So here we goes -
The inside, we did a special book about Singapore. We learned about the time different (same, no different) and the animals and pets in Singapore. I also leave a lot of blank pages for her to cut and paste pictures that she like about Singapore. She ended up pasting all the animals pictures.
We also draw the flag of Singapore and the different states' flag and listed down the things we wanted to pray for that particular country or states.
In the middle, I put in a plastic bag for her Singapore coins and 相思豆 collection.
After that is a page for a variety of things.
First we wrote down everything we can think of that started with "S", then another started with "SH".
Then we draw the Malay costumes that we saw in KT & KB. (I drew with in put from her then she colored)
We also make 2 postcard, one about Redang and one about Kuala Terrenganu.

At the back of the lapbook is the map of MLY & SG. Everyday, we mark down the route we took with Green pen.
We had lots of fun doing lapbook and we both enjoyed it very much. I think we are going to do more of it.

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  1. What a wonderful achievements...Seriously admire your courage to plan for the trip. Note from a working mom.

    By the way, my eldest girl Christy was reading the article you wrote for graduation during CHHS time...do you still remember?

    ...God bless!