Friday, August 21, 2009

21 Aug 2009

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There were so many things happened after we came back from trip that it felt like we did not spend much time in studying. However, when I sat down and looked at all the things we did for the past 2 weeks, it was not bad.

We managed to finished Sonlight week 25 (except for the book 'people' which I want to keep it for next week), Den did 3 pages of math worksheets, 1 phonic lesson (Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons), 3 pages of phonic worksheets, 2 handwriting without tear worksheets, 1 auditory memory worksheet (Developing the early learner 3) 1 water color craft (birthday card for grandpa), some sudoku and lots of coloring and piano practices.

Since Den has problem with her eyes, we also spent some time studied about eye. I found some very good resources from Museum of vision website With the resources, we study about different parts of our eye, how do we see and focus, and I explained to her what is wrong with her eye. We also did lots of fun experiments and I made a flipbook for her. I had been trying to explain to her how animation was made but without success. With this flipbook, she finally get it. We might make a lapbook on eye. Have not decided yet.

Since we had been out of the house a lot for the past 2 weeks, I carried with me some of stuffs we can do while waiting (there were a lot of waiting in doctors offices). We actually manage to get quite a lot done and it also made the wait not so tiring/irritating for Den. It never failed to 'amazed' me when I see all those parents bring their kids waiting at the doc office and do not bring along anything to keep them busy. It is not like just15 or 20 min. Sometime, we waited up to 2 hours or more. Kids get very restless and bored and then they become very fussy. For the past 2 weeks, we worked on these two books when we were out:
1. EQ - a series of Taiwanese playbooks that I got from Popular quite some time ago. I got them during sales, so it only cost RM4.50 per book. It has 2 levers - age 3-5 and age 5-7 and it has 4 topics - accept your self and understand others; understand emotion; cultivate problem solving ability; positive thinking.
We used some of the the age 3-5 books when Den was around 3 years old. Now we are using the age 5-7 books.
The book we are currently using is "Cultivating problem solving ability". There is a lot of creative and think out of the box type of activities in the book. I enclosed one of the example: Look at the shape provided and what does it look like? Den think it looked like a vase, a bow tie or a woman.

2. The Fittest Link & Eye Q Booster: I got these 2 books from Popular too at RM7.90 each. I bought them when Den was only 3 years old because I love the books. As you can see from the example here, it is IQ, logic game. I used one of them with Den end of last year (while waiting in the immigration office) and she could not do it so I kept it for awhile and took it out again this week and she can do it now. We did 11 pages while waiting. So of the them still a bit hard for her and require some explanation.

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