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27 Aug 2009

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to (updated 27 Aug 2009)

I have been obsessed with lapbooking recently. :)

ST and I went to a couple camp last weekend and only reached home on Monday evening. Trip without Den is so rare and so so so enjoyable!! I didn't even miss her one bit!! haha! Don't let her know. It was so refreshing to be able to focus on my dear hubby alone. Parents! Try it!

Before the camp, I made a simple lapbook for Den. We called it the "homework helper" lapbook. She can use this when she does her worksheets (she usually does her worksheets without my help). This is what I put in the lapbook:

1). On the first page, we have all the alphabet - capital & small letters. Even though she recognize all the alphabets, she has problem with mirror image, so with this she can write her alphabet correctly. She love this because it is Princess Alphabet.

2). The center has 3 sections:
i) Sight Word list on the Left - Some of the word are not so phonically correct and she need to learn by sight and some, after much reading she can recognize by sight. I wanted to start recording down sight word we learned or recognize, so that it is easier for revision.

ii) Skipping count chart(multiply) on Upper Middle- Den understand the concept but I have not really teach her this formally. Will do it in the future.

iii) Shapes on Lower Middle - She learned all these shapes when she was 3 years old. She can still remember most of them but forgotten some like cube and cylinder, I think it is good to include them here for revision.

iv) Addition and subtraction Chart on Upper Right - After she finished her math worksheet, I ask her to check her answer using the chart her self.

v). Fraction on Lower Right - Inside the pocket, there are 6 fraction pictures. I have been teaching her fraction and this is good for revision.

3). The back is the 1-100 chart -It has two functions - help her in addition and subtraction and also help her to write numbers (she has problem with mirror image).

We did not do much on Tuesday (25 Aug 2009), house clean day. Since Den has no piano and ballet on that day (school holiday), she helped to clean the front gate, shoes' rake and front door. She also practice her piano and did a few worksheets.

We had visitors on Wednesday. My friend Alice and her two daughters - BL (10 years old) and JE (7 years old) came to visit us. Alice wanted to explore the possibility in homeschooling JE. We talked about the different curriculum available in the market and the pro and cons of homeschooling, etc. After that, I taught Den, BL and JE together.

We learned a new verse together: "Whoever is kind to the needy honors God. ~Proverbs 14:31" and we talked about how to be kind. All of them gave me examples of being kind to the needy.

After that we read two Bible stories about how Jesus was kind to the needy - Jesus healed the paralytic (Mark 2) and Jesus healed the lame man at the pool (John 5). Before I read each story, I asked the kids to look at the picture and see if they can tell what story I am going to read. Surprisingly, Den knew both of the stories quite well. She can tell both stories in detail. I think MA & I taught her these two stories last year and may be she also learned it from Sunday School (I'm not sure). I am very happy that she can actually remember them.

We prayed after Bible reading and we prayed especially for the healing of Den's eyes.

After that, we read a story from "Stories From Around The World" (under Social Study Section). Today we read a story about a very poor boy named Dick Whittington and how with the help of some honest and good people, he became a rich merchant and later even became the Mayor of London. He never forgot what it was like to be poor, so he used his money to restore hospital, build colleges and shelters for the poor and old.

After that, we read a new book - "People" (under Social Study Section). Den and I love this book. We were supposed to read it last week as park of Week 26 program but I decided to save it for now because I wanted to do a lapbook with the book.

This book is about different culture, races, nationalities, etc (read detail review here) and I want to use this to introduce Den the different races in Malaysia. Since we only have very limited time, we only did part of the lapbook- self profile.
This is the front. When you open the mirror, there is a picture of Den.

Turn the page, you get this:

Open each flap, you get the answer:
For example, Height is 103cm; Weight is 16 KG, etc.

For Den, this is just part of the "People of Malaysia" lapbook. For JE, this is something she can keep about her self. For the next two week, Den and I are going to continue to work on the lapbook. It is kind of fitting since Merdeka is coming.

After that, we had lunch and the kids played for awhile before they went home. I think all of us had fun. BL even said, she like homeschooling better! :)

Den did some worksheets while I cooked dinner.

After dinner, we spend the whole night making puppet. Den suddenly got this idea in her head the night before at bed time (she always has lots of idea during bed time!!!) that she wanted to make a puppet theater. So for the whole night, with the help of a great book "Drawing is Fun" (under Art and Picture Dictionary Section) I draw and cut and she colored and finally we make 5 puppets - the princess (of cause!), the prince (with removeable sword, just in case it is a love story), the dragon the horse and the fairy.
Then she started to tell stories using the puppet. I should really record them down.

Before bed, we read a wonderful picture book about being thankful for what you have - 金鸡下午茶 The mouse and the egg (at Read Aloud 2 section).

Today, I went to the Chinese Christian Book Fair in PGRM. ST and Den went back to ST's mom's house. She played with Grandma and did 2 math worksheets. I bought so many good books from there. I will write more about them in the future when we use them. For now, I will just tell you about the 2 books that we read tonight --
"玛丽亚的故事 Mary's Story" (under Pop Up & More section) and "疯狂电视迷 Albert Blows A Fuse" (under Read Aloud 2 section).

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