Monday, November 30, 2009

29 Nov 2009

We did not study much on Sat. We planned to do quite a lot since we had the late afternoon and evening free.

We went for a buffet branch with my DH family in the morning which continued to mid afternoon. My sister in law, JY gave Den a very cute hello kitty key chain and along with a pink fake key. Den was very fascinated with the fake key.

She came home and tried it on every door locks in the house and realized it wont fit any of them! (She really thought it might fit at least one or two!!) So she decided since it wont fit the real locks, she would pretend it would fit the imaginary locks.

With the key, she "locked" my walk in closet (btw, it doesn't have any lock) and every time before I can go into the closet, I have to ask her to "unlock" it first.

After that she declared it was the key for her cardboard house.

We got the cardboard house from our friends, the Yu family 4 years ago. Yu family was moving down to SG and hired mover to move their furniture. I fallen in love with one the boxes that the mover provided for them to hang their clothes. It looked like a perfect house for Den (1+ at that time). Our friend gave one for us and their kids decorated it and call it "Den's house"

We cut out door and windows and Den used to love to play with it. Hide in there and pretend that's her house. But recently she had not been playing much with it. In fact, I only been keeping it with us for the sentimental reason and also because it is rather popular with some of the younger kids who sometime come to our house. I had been toying with the idea of giving it away.

Then out of the blue, because of the fake key, Den decided to play house. She pretty much drag me along (I was not a willing participant at first...half way reading the novel I bought from book sales...) and we ended up played for more than one hour at the box. I did struggle in my heart and wanted to lead her to more "constructive" activities ---like study and homework....but then she was having fun, so I decided to continue to play. Honestly, the thought of "study" kept crossing my mind, I had to keep rejecting it. :)

We went out for dinner after that and did some grocery shopping. Den also played at the Giant indoor play ground.

We did a bit of study after we reach home. I found out we had not finished our history study for week 2. So we read two chapter from Living Long Ago (under History) - One on Ancient Egyptian clothes (make up, jewel, etc) and the other on the Ancient Egyptian villa.

Den decided she wanted to be an Ancient Egyptian because they put on make up, wore jewels, wigs and lots of perfume (both men and women). :-)

The day before, she found out that one of the Pharaoh had three wives. It was a big shock to her since she always thought 1 husband with only 1 wife. I explained long time of ago (or even not so long ago), most of the kings married a lot of wives. She contemplate about that for some time then she announced that since she is a princess, she is going to take 3 husbands when she grow up. :-)

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