Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov Week 4 - the new K program Part I

We managed to finished Sonlight PreK program two weeks ago. There are only two books we have not finished:

  1. The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit (under Read Aloud 2): We finished the first 3 stories and then accidentally left the book in my mom house and kept forgetting to take it home...so we have to wait to finish the last story.

  2. New Toes for Tia (Under Bible & Christian Stories 2): A wonderful true story from OMF. We finished the first 2 chapters and have not get around in reading the rest. It is a very small book and easy to carry out, so I have been trying to save it for when we were out somewhere (doc office, grandparent house, restaurant, etc), so far we have not getting around in finishing it.

We started our new K program last week. It was wonderful. Always happy to start new things.

Compare to the Pre K, Sonlight K program IG (Instructor's Guide) is much better organized and more in depth. It came with discussion questions before and after the reading for most of the books.

Sonlight K focus on History. I added in the Science. So for the year of 2010, Den main focus of study is going to be history and science. I think it is a perfect combination.

K program come with Bible and Bible verse CD but somehow or rather, I did not order that. Hmmm.. So any way, I searched tru my collection and found the perfect solution:

For bible this year, we are using The Word & Song Bible (Under Bible & Christian Stories). It come with a 5 pack CD. The CD narrates all the 116 Bible stories in this Bible (at least one from each book of the Bible) and also sings the 75 songs (lyrics and music score printed in this Bible). It is an interesting change from last year Bible reading.

For the first week of K program, our Bible verse is :

"All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" ~Roman 3:23

The bible verse for K program is going to go from A to Z. So first week it start with "A"ll and second week is going to start with "B".

For Bible Reading, we covered Creation, Adam & Eve's Sin and Noah Ark.

Other than Bible reading, we also read a chapter each week from a Christian book called I heard Good News Today (Under Bible & Christian Stories). It is a book written to be read aloud by pastors, Sunday school teachers, parents, etc to the children. It has 96 short stories about mission work all around the world.

For week one we read about how an African boy Hosi accepted Christ and went back to his village to share the good news.

For read aloud, we have 2 poem books:

1. The Rea Mother Goose: ANOTHER MOTHER GOOSE! That's my first thought. We have been reading mother goose since Den was 2 years old. I was not looking forward to this one but Den love it. She love every mother goose books any way. Compared to last year, we are reading in a faster pace. For PreK, it was one rhyme per day, in K, we read 2-4 rhymes per day.

2.In Pre K, we have Animals Animals (Under Rhymes & Poem), in K we have The Llama Who Had No Pajamas (Under Rhymes & Poem). We love this new book. It has 100 poems and so far we loved them very much. It is a great book to help kids to fall in love with poetry. To read one example of the poems, press here.

Thats all for now. for the History and Science Lesson and Books, I will leave them for Part 2. I really need to go to sleep. :)

For review & info on Pre K books- http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel (updated 23 Nov 2009) ; For K books - http://www.squidoo.com/booksforK (updated 23 Nov 2009)

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