Friday, November 27, 2009

27 Nov 2009

Den was sick (suddenly) on Tuesday night - flu, cough and slight fever, so we have not being doing much this week.

We have a new verse from Act 16:31
Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved - you and your household.

We had 2 Bible lessons using the Word and Song Bible (under Bible & Christian Stories) in which we learned about Abraham's suprise (having a baby at 100 years old) and Abrahma obey (sacrified Isaac) as well as songs that goes with the lesson.

We also put Abraham(2100 BC) and Isaac(2066BC) stickers into our Book of Time.

We finished our read aloud for the week today - 3 pages of the Real Mother Goose & 2 pages of The Llama Who Had No Pajamas (both under Rhymes & Poem)

We also read a short story about two teenage American girls volunteered in India in I Heard Good News Today (Under Bible & Christian Stories). My almost 5 years old dd, Den was deeply moved by the story (she had tears in her eyes) and wanted to do volunteer work when she grew up. I am very happy to hear that. That is a big change from a year ago. The last time I asked her, she said she did not want to be a missionary because she didnt want to stay in poor places and without the comfort of her home. I think she has a soft spot for little children and animals.

It was rather painful for her when we read about how the first people hunt for aninmals and used them for food, clothes, shelter, lamp, etc. She almost cannot continued the lesson until I told her the first people used every part of the animals (meat=food; skin=clothes; bone=veapon; fat=lamp; skeleton=shelter, etc) and they never just killed the animals for sports or for fun, then she kind of accepted it.

This week history lesson was not so hard on her. We read about :

  • The first farmer - from hunter, human had learn to plant with seed and progressed to become farmers. We look at the pictures of the early settlement Catalhoyuk in

  • The Ancient Egypt - We look at the how they used to make mammies (I think it is a bit scary but Den took it in strick.) and heiroglyphps (Ancient Egyptian writing) in a very interesting site . For scrap book, I printed out the heiroglyphps alpebets and numbers for Den and asked her to write her name in heiroglyphps.

  • We also learn about how the first people traveled. We use the pipe cleaners and plastic bag to make a coracle.

We have not have the time for Chinese and Science yet. Hopefully we can do it tomorrow.

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