Thursday, November 26, 2009

The New K Program Part III - Science

Finally, I am going to write about Sonlight K Science Program. It is not included in the Sonlight K core. I added in because I have been very impressed by sonlight's science so far. Den and I enjoyed all the science reading in PreK program (it was part of PreK core program).

Sonlight science curriculum follow a spiral pattern of education which mean it touch "on certain topic once, twice, may be even three times at different point in one year, then returning to the same topics tow or three more times over he next several years. This way the basic vocabulary of science becomes ingrained not only in short-term, but also long -term memory." (K science IG)

These are some of the main books we used in science:

1.The Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia - The same one we use in History. You can read more about this book in my previous blog The New K Program Part II- History and additional review here (under Science).

2. The Usborne Book of Science Activities Vol 2 (Under Science) -This is a color book that filled with interesting and yet easy experiments for young kids to do. I already have quite a few books on science experiments but I have to say this is one most suitable for young kids (age 4 to upper primary). It has pictures to illustrate every experiments and none of them are too time consuming. Den is very much looking forward to this every week.

3. Inquisikids Discover & Do Level K (Unders Science) Sonlight actually produced this to go hand in hand with the Usborn book of Science Activities Vol 2. It show you exactly how to do the experiment. Good addition even though it is not necessary.

4. Science Worksheet - In the IG (instructor's guide), it include worksheets for every week. I think it is great.

For the 1st week, in the Children Encyclopedia, we studied a few interrelated subjects. True to its spiral education philosophy, we already studied some of the subjects in Pre K and now we are going deeper.

Tru the internet link we looked at some of the eclipse picture and also animation on the way Earth spin at its axis and travels around the sun at the same time.

Air is all around us even though we can see it, so we did a few easy experiments from Usborne Book of Science Activities Vol 2 to prove that.

Before we did the experiments, we watch 3 short video clips from the Inquisikids DVD. In the DVD, it explained how to be a scientist:

1. Hypothesis (Guess): I told Den what we are going to do and ask her to guess the result;

2. Experiment (Activity)

3. Conclusion (Result): We are supposed to keep an journal on the conclusion of the experiments we did. So I decided to ask Den to draw the conclusion in her scrapbook.

It was a fun way to learn. Den has been bagging me to teach her every day. :)

For review & info --
For K books - (updated 26 Nov 2009);
on Pre K books-

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