Tuesday, December 29, 2009

28 Dec 2009

For the last two weeks, we have been travelling back and forth SG and KL. There are going to be more travelling until mid Jan. We are pretty much taking break from study or just do whatever we can.

When I was in SG and my DD, Den in KL, I gave her daily assignments like reading (small phonic reader books), math worksheets, Chinese reading, etc and asked my parents and sister in law to help make sure she did them. Well, she did half of what I gave her. Better than expect. :)

We have not been using Sonlight until today. We drove to SG yesterday (missed church again!!). I brought along some of Sonlight books with me this time. However, I cant bring too much since we are taking a flight back to KL this Thurs.

We are temporary staying in a very nice serviced apartment in SG. My DH, ST's company paid for it. Wish we could stay here forever but it is only for a month. So we shall fully utilized it as long as we can.

I didn't want to stay in the apartment the whole day, so Den and I went down to the resident launch to study this morning.

It was a good decision. The launch is very spacious with nice sofa and no one in there. We have the whole place all by our selves.

We are still in Sonlight week 3!! Hahaa! Den is so good with week 3 memory verse now since she has been reciting it for the past one month!! It is a good verse to remember though - Obey your parents for everything for this pleases the Lord! (Colosian 3:20)

We always start our study with memory verse, prayer and Bible study. However, the Word & Song Bible (under Bible) is too big for me to carry to SG, so I brought along a small comic book published by my church instead. It is a delightful Chinese comic book drew by a young sister from our church. It is about how we can glorify God in the roles that we play in lives - big and small - as long as we play it whole-heartedly.

After that, we started our Week 3 Science. We continued reading from the small book - Weather (under Science). Today we learned about the different type of clouds (we learned about this 2 years ago, so it was a good review for both of us), fog, snowflakes, hail and how lightning and thunder happened.We also did 2 pages of worksheets.

I planned to do the optional activity included in the schedule. However, cant find some of the things I needed here, so I had to skip that and may be do it in KL next week.

After that, she did a worksheet using Disney Princess Addition & Subtraction Workbook (under math). She is getting really fast with that. I have started teaching her carrying the tens unofficially -- as in I will do it with her whenever the math question required it but haven't let her do it herself. That is the next step in her math study (We are using Qdee's math) but I decided not to go into it yet until she is better with her addition and subtraction. I think she is ready now.

We took a break after that. She played at the outdoor and indoor playroom for awhile before we headed for our lunch at the shopping center next to our apartment. One thing I love about this serviced apartment is because it is so convenient. After lunch, I bought some food I needed for cooking soup tonight.

We resumed our study at the resident launch after we put the food back to our apartment. She read one of the small phonic reader book for me. Then I read a Chinese book from 怡学故事列车 (read more about this from my previous post http://homeschoolingmomjournel.blogspot.com/2009/09/for-review-info-on-most-of-books-i.html) for her and we did the activities at the end together.

After that, she did a worksheet from Developing the Early Learner Lever 3 (under Workbook). I planed to let her do 2-3 worksheets but it took her such a long time to finish one, so she ended up only did one.

We did a craft together after that. It is one of her Christmas presents - Glass Deco Art. We traced the pattern (included) on a piece of plastic using the black liner and after that we fill in the colors. We need to wait for 8 hours before we can peel the artwork from the plastic and stick it to the window or glass. We are going to peel it off tomorrow morning.

After that, we went to the play room again. We spotted some puzzle, books and board games we are interested when we came in this morning. So Den read a little bit (Barbie on Little Golden Book series!), then we tried play the Cinderella puzzle, but there were too many missing pieces, so we gave up. We gave up on the incomplete Mastermind too. Finally, we settled on monopoly.

I did not want to play that with her at first because I think she is still too young to play that. We ended up playing for an hour and she was quite good. She cant count the money...too many zero! I have to help her with that but she has a strategy...at least she claimed that's her strategy (I thought it was just luck!), she brought a whole block of properties and ended winning the game!! We had to stop playing after an hour because ST was back and we were going out for dinner.

We are going to do that again may be wed or Thurs. That was fun!

For review & info --For K books - http://www.squidoo.com/booksforK ;
Pre K books- http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel

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