Friday, December 18, 2009

17 Dec 2009

When my DH, ST is not around, there are a lot of things I have to do it my self. Since I have to be out running all the errants, my DD, Den has to tag along too. So we don't have much time in study.

We only manage to read a chapter from
Living Long Ago (under History) yesterday. We read about the ways of travel in Ancient Egypt. Thus concluded our study on Ancient Egypt. We did the reading quite late at night.

Den spent Tuesday nite in my parents house. My brother and sis in law came back from Aus for holiday. She is quite close with them and wanted to spend more time with them. I only get her back home after lunch. I let her practice piano and watch the new Yamaha DVD (book 3). I will be away this weekend and so she wont have time to practice before her class next Tues. She also finished the Yamaha homework.

Her friends, NN & SS came over to swim late in the afternoon. Then we went out for dinner with NN & SS family. By the time we get down to study, Den was quite tired. She kept yawning even though she insisted she can continue. I decided to stop after one chapter. We talked to ST on the phone and we read
Boxcar Children (under K Read Aloud) before bed. This is becoming our bedtime ritual.

Today we went for check up with the eye surgeon. After that was a series of errants to run - change tires, buy bus tickets, change one panel of Den's glasses, etc etc. By the time we reached home, it was 5pm. I was half dead and still need to prepare dinner.

I let her watch GoodTV while I caught my breath. I wished I can get all those GoodTV Chinse cartoon on DVD. Her Mandarin improved a lot by watching those cartoon. I know most of them are translated from English cartoon but they are all good translation. Hopefully, we will get good Chinese cartoon in SG because I don't think I will be able to continue to subscribe to GoodTV in SG...hmmm...something I have to find out.

For those of you who have not subscribe to GoodTV, I highly recommend it. You pay RM450 one time and that's all. That covers satellite disc, decoder & installation. Good duel! It come with 2 Taiwan Christian channels and 3 more Taiwan channels (public tv, that kind of thing). You never have to pay any monthly fees. Most importantly, your kids will enjoy learning Mandarin! :)

Any way, we had simple dinner and then I decided instead of studying, I let her practiced more on piano. She wont have access to piano for the next few days. So we only read one chapter on Ancient Greece in
Children Encyclopedia (under history). I had not check out the internet links, so I did not show her any. I prefer to check all the links my self first. Some of the link are too difficult for her.

Just now, after she sleep, I check out the links and found the BBC link quite interesting. You can see the Greek play here: ;
and design a Greek pot here:

I'm going to show her this two links may be tomorrow...hmm..hard to say...another busy day ahead.

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For K books - (updated14 Dec 2009);
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