Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1st day without ST

My DH, ST started work today in SG.

Den & I went down to SG with him last Thurs and only came home last night.

This is our first day without him.

It finally kicked in this morning when I woke up that I would have to be responsible for the whole household as well as Den all by my self. I went into panic mode for a few minutes.

After I calm down enough to list down the things I need to do this week and put them into priority, I felt much better. Then I told my self to take it easy. Crossed out the things that were important but not urgent like cooking (which involve grocery shopping first!), we can always start that next week. So I sms my friend CST to go out for lunch.

I decided to just do the bare minimum today. Urgent and Important. Instead of cleaning the whole house today, I just cleared away all the stuffs from travelling and washed the clothes - laundry as well as hand washed and also clean the toilet. Vacuuming can wait.

Study would have to wait too. While I clean the house, Den was happily drawing and playing with her new pet - a tortoise - Christmas gift from her grandpa. (ST screamed: "I was away for only one day and now there is an animal in our house????")

We had white porridge for dinner. Just put some sesame source, light soya sources & pepper. Heard that it is good for digestion. Since we had been eating so much outside food, it was a good break for our digestion system...and also the fact that we had an almost empty refrigerator!

At first I planned to do some study after dinner, but my parents wanted to see Den. I think they might be a bit worry that we were alone. So I decided to bring Den over for a visit. While Den entertained them (or VS), I sorted out ST mail. He has been handling all our financial stuffs, now I need to learn to read all those letters from banks!

I struggled if I should go to Giant to buy some grocery but finally decided against it (I don't like to buy in Giant). I just took some eggs, onion and meat from my mom! Yes! Can cook tomorrow.

After we came home, Den took bath, get ready for bed, talked to ST on the phone and finally we only had time to read one chapter of
Box Car Children (under Sonlight K Read Aloud). We started the book in Sitiawan two weeks ago, when we went back there for my grandpa's funeral.

I read it the night before I intend to read for her and could not put down the book. I ended up reading the book in one shot. It is interesting, adventure of 5 orphans trying to make it on their own. The story is cheerful and uplifting and very easy to read. I thought Den would love it and I was right.

This is our second chapter book but it is much easy to read than the first The Milly-Molly-Mandy Story Book (under Read Aloud) in Pre K. Hmm..

This is Den's drawing of the boxcar that orphans stayed in. (For more on her drawing, check out my posting at http://homeschoolingmomjournel.blogspot.com/2009/10/dens-drawing-progress.html )

As a whole, I think we are doing great on our first day without ST. Pray that we will be able to say the same thing tomorrow.

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http://www.squidoo.com/booksforK (updated14 Dec 2009);
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