Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14 Sept 2009

For review & info on most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel & http://homeschoolingmombookreview.blogspot.com/

Since Den's operation, we did not do much. I don't want to overstress her. For the first few days, I just let her rest and did not even read book to her because when I read, she would want to look at the pictures. Past few days her eyes were healing fine and so I started to read books to her.

We read from Sonlight reading list and also some of the Chinese books. Other than reading book, I did not let her do much. No coloring, no worksheet, no TV.

ST was not around today. Den and I decided to have a girl day out. We went to IKEA, ate cotton candy (she paid RM2 and I paid RM1 with the promise that the next time round, I will pay RM2), shopping, etc. Found some very good books in Popular today.

(1) 怡学故事列车- a series of 10 books. Normal price is RM59.90, now promotion price at RM39.30. In other words, it is about RM4 per book. All books are full color with activities at the end. For example of the activities please click here. 7 of the books are stories books, 2 books are poem and 1 is script. I really like the books and think it is a very good buy.

(2) A good dictionary to practice phonics. See example here.

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