Saturday, September 12, 2009

Part III Post Operation

To find out how we found out Den has squint, read Part I
To find out more about her operation, read Part II

Den slept in the eye center one hour after she came out from the operation. I carried her home. She continued to slept for 3 hours. Too tired from all the crying and the general anaesthetic, I think. She woke up once screaming for me because she still cant open her eyes. So I decided to sleep with her so that she would feel more secured.

She woke up at 2pm. Rested and in a much better mood. She still cant open her eyes but she allowed us to feed her milk and later some cereal.

She took up ST's challenge to play piano without seeing (later she secretly admitted to me she can actually see a little bit). I was very happy that she can remember all the songs. I was a bit worry she might forget some of the things she learned because of the general anaesthetic.

After that, she opened up all her presents. I prepared 3 parents for her and her best friend EE also prepared a present for her. I brought all the presents to the eye center for her and wanted to give it to her right after the operation but she was too confused to be interested in them.

She was in very good mood the whole afternoon and she opened her eyes bit by bit. She complained she cant open them wide because when she opened them wide, she saw double images. Her eyes were sensitive but no pain (thank God!) and we did not give her any pain killer. However, we need to put eye drop into her eye every few hours and she refused to let us do it. Finally we cant wait any more, so we restrained her. She struggled and cried but at least we got it done.

Later, when my brother in Australia heard of it, promised to buy her a princess presents for every time she put eye drops (hmmm..i think he did not know she need to put eye drop 4 time per day!)

Even with the promise of presents, we still need to restrained her before we can put another round of eye drop in her before she sleep.

The next morning (10 Sept 2009), we brought her back to the eye center or check up.

Doc told us double image was very command after the operation because of the over correction. He purposely did it that way so that hopefully can force Den's brain to use both eyes. In a week or two hopefully, Den's brain would learn to put the 2 images into one. At the mean time, she cant play outdoor.

We will go back for check up again in 3 weeks time.

He also allowed us to cut down her eye drop from 4 time per day to 2 time per day. I was very happy about that but surprise! when we came back from the center and it was time for the eye drop, Den laid down bravely and willingly and asked us to go ahead! I still don't know what make the change of heart. Since then, we have no problem in dropping eye drops in for her.

Today is Sat. 3 days after operation. So far there was no problem except she still see double images. There was nothing we can do about that except pray.

We also follow the Chinese custom and not eating some of the food like chicken, beef, seafood (except fish), etc. We have not wash her hair yet, worry the water will get into her eyes (doc recommendation was not washing hair for at least 24 hours). The corner of eyes still very red but other than that she is pretty much back to her old monkey self. :)

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