Thursday, September 10, 2009

Part II - Eye Operation

As I mentioned in my previous posting, Den went tru operation on 9 Sept 2009 because she had squint.

The night before the operation, I read 3 Bible stories for her. There were all about the Jesus- Jesus brings a boy back to life (Luke 6-7); Jesus heals the woman who touches his clothes (Mark 5) and Jesus stops a storm (Mark 4). These are the Bible stories we are supposed to read next week but I think it was rather fitting for us to read the night before the surgery.

The stories comforted us. We knew that nothing is impossible for God. He is stronger and bigger than any problem we faced. ST and I thought we wont be able to sleep that night but he ended up sleeping rather earlier. I slept a bit late but not later than usual.

The operation was set at 9am. We need to reach the eye center by 830am. Den was not allowed to eat in the morning. So we decided not to wake her up. Instead we carried her up to the car and let her slept in the car. We only woke her up when we reached the eye center. We wanted to shorten the time between she awake up and operation so that hopefully she wont got hungry. The tactic worked. She never asked for milk. We reached the center 15 min earlier and it was not opened yet. We waited for awhile before all the nurses came in. They measured Den's heartbeat and put a name tag on her wrist. Den is very sensitive to touch and kept complaining about the tag.

We were briefed by a very nice anaesthetist, Dr. Cheah (Den need GA-general anaesthetic). She told us what to expect before and after the operation. I took the opportunity to ask if there were be any needle involved. Den is super afraid of needdle. She told us she would use the gas mask to put Den to sleep first before she insert the cannula into her vein. Den and I thought that was a prayer answered!

Soon after Den and I changed into the clothes provided by the center, we were ushered into the operation theater. ST and I decided I would be the one accompanied Den into the room until she was put to sleep. After that I would have to leave the room, which I am very grateful. I don't think I can stand to watch the operation. I always looked away whenever there is any scene of operation on TV...

In OT, I carried Den while Dr. Cheah put a mask covering Den's nose and mouth. She asked Den to blow up a balloon. Every time she blow out air, the balloon would be inflated. Then it shrinked again. Den did a few time before she started to loose consciousness. She started to struggle then. Dr. Cheah already briefed me about this, so I just tried to hang on to her. After a few second of struggling, Den was asleep and I was ushered out.

We waited at the lounge along with my parents for about 45-50min. I saw a cute little girl, may one plus to 2 years old getting ready for operation. She was still sucking a pacifier. Once again, I thank God that Den was only having operation when she was 4.5 years old and not earlier, at least now we can reason with her.

Before Den was wheeled out, Dr. Choong came out and told us the operation was straight forward and successful. He did not foresee any problem. I thank God in my heart.

When Den came out of the OT, she was still unconscious. She woke up a few minutes later and she started to make a very big fuss. Dr. Cheah warned us about that but I did not expect her to struggle like that. She screamed and she kicked and she would not want to be comforted or settle down.

We kept asking her what was wrong but she cant answered us. I think she was still very confused. We kept trying to restraint her because we worry she would rub on her eyes and she kept struggling....did not know she was that strong!

Finally she opened her eyes and saw my dad and she wanted my dad to carry her. She settled down for a min or two when my dad carried her and then she realized the cannula attached on her left wrist. She wanted to pull the cannula out and started another screaming fuss when we refused.

We kept telling her we had to wait for her to drink and not throwing up before the nurse can take out the cannula but she was beyond reasoning. We took turn carrying her and tried to settle her down. We managed to feed her one small sip of water but the nurse said we better fed more before she took out the cannula. So the crying continued. I am glad there was no other patient in the room.

We gotten her to drink two more sips of water and the nurse decided to take out her cannula. She took out the cannula and put a plaster and cotton on her wound. This time Den cried and screamed for the nurse to take out the plaster and cotton. She scream so loud that the nurse decided to change it to normal bandage. She still refused to calm down and continue to scream "take it out! take it out!"

That's when I finally realized something is amiss. I asked Den was she crying because of the bandage or because she cant open her eyes. She told me because she cant open her eyes.

Dr. Cheah told us before operation, she might not be able to open her eyes for awhile because of the oil doc put on her eyes. Some of the patients can open their eyes right after the operation and some have to wait til at night.

Den cant open her eyes when she first came out of OT, but then a few minute later she could open them wide and saw my dad (and later saw the cannula). I think it was not comfortable for her and so she shut them tight again and they were stuck once again and she cant open them despite struggling.

There was nothing I can do but to hold her. May be because now that I found out the reason for her discomfort, she was so how comforted. She let me hold her till she fallen asleep.

From out of OT to asleep, it was only one short hours but it felt like hours.

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