Saturday, September 5, 2009

4 Sept 2009

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Ok, finally we have a semi schooling day. :)

We woke up at 9:30am and realize it was a good day for park too (no rain, no sun!). So we packed up and went out. We were pleasantly surprised to find the 7 years old Malay girl Den played with last week was in the play ground too. They were very happy to see each other. They played for about 15 min, then it started to rain!

Since we walked to the park, we need to walked back. We were soaked through by the time we reached home. I think it was a very fun experience - walking in rain - unfortunately, ST & Den disagreed.

We only started school at around 3pm. We reviewed our Bible verse. Den can memorized it without any help from me. Good. Instead of reading from the Bible, we continue to read the story from Happy Life On The Big Cold Mountain (ref to my previous blog here). I think I'm almost successful. When I asked Den if she would be willing to go for mission work with us (if God call us), she said Yes! :)

After that we prayed and we did our phonic lesson (using Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Lesson). Den never sit still for her phonic lesson. She will be moving here and there, biting her fingers, playing with her hair, etc etc while reading. I'm OK with all these because I would have did the same thing during a boring meeting too. Having said that, sometime I still get mad because she kept dilly della until I lost my cool. I hate to get mad while she study. So I got into the habit of reading newspaper while she read her phonic lesson. That way I wont get impatient with her. As long as she finish all the reading, I don't care how long it takes (at least I try to train my self not to care!)

After phonics, she requested I read a book of her choice (instead of Sonlight), I agreed. So we ended up reading the Lion King story. After the book, she told me now she did not need to watch the movie any more. :)

We also read 5 pages of Mother Goose Rhymes (Under Rhymes & Poem) and a Poem from Carl's' Animals Animals.

After that I need to cook dinner, so I left her with ST to work on 4 pages of High Frequency Words Workbook. I bought it from Popular for RM18. It come with 128 high frequency words. It has flash cards and also worksheets and review. I still continue her phonics but I wanted to start her on a little bit of sight word at the same time to increase her speed in reading. She bullied ST and said she did not know how to read/do the work. After I finished cooking, I got her to finish in like 10 min.

At night before bed, we read a chapter from 卡琦婭. We have been neglecting our Chinese! We really need to pick it up again.

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