Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 Sept 2009

ST has been on sabbatical leaves since July and our school schedule has been rather chaotic since. On top of that there are so many things going on these few weeks. So...I have been trying to squeeze in school whenever I can - Doc's office, restaurant, etc.:)

I had a meeting on Mon (31 Aug) morning till noon and then we met up friends for dinner so that's that for the whole day. ST got Den hooked on facebook online game while I was away. They are now virtual farmers - planting virtual vegetables. Good news is Den is learning new vocab - fertilizers, harvesting, etc. Dear Jane, did you realize they have been watering your farm for you?

Any way, Tuesday (1 Sept) is usual busy tuesday. We only had the time for Bible verse (did not even bother with a new verse, just continue last week verse), prayer, reading of the "Happy Life On the Big Cold Mountain" and Phonic lesson. I also let her colored Malaysian flag (part of her people of Malaysia lapbook, wonder when can we get it done!)

Today, for the whole morning ST and I went out to settle some stuffs. Den stayed with my mom. We picked her up for lunch and went to Atria. I wanted to buy her a special gift. I wanted to give it to her right after her surgery next wed. She wanted Monopoly (played with Jos in Singapore a month ago) but I am not so sure about that. I think it will be a bit difficult for her. (I also worried I would not have the patient to play with her!!) We ended up did not buy anything. If I cant find anything before next wed, I will go back and buy the Monopoly.

We took a nap and went out with my parents for dinner. Den read a phonic book before the dinner were served. Then we worked on a page of math worksheet after we reached home. She was having problem with question like ?+4=17.

She had no problem if the total was less than 10 but cant do it when it was more (only have 10 fingers :)). I taught her to count using the 1-100 chart in her Homework Helper lapbook. We spent quite sometime doing it and I'm still not convinced she got it. I will let her work on more questions like this tomorrow.

Before she slept, I read her a Chinese book I bought from the Chinese Christian Book Fair.

It is a funny story about a twins brother. They look alike, dressed alike, live nearby and work together. However the way they react to situations and things that happened to them are totally opposite. Big brother is a pessimist, he always see cup half empty. Little brother is a optimist, he always see cup half full.

Big brother is always worry and sad while little brother is always happy and thankful. At the end of the book, the author asked the reader, whose house would you like to visit?

I purposely chose this book for Den. There were so many things going on this few weeks. She has to wear glasses, patching her eye every day and surgery next week. She has been a champ and took everything in much better than I thought.

However she did ask me last week, why did God heal everyone else but her. She asked me did God said 'wait'? (God's answer to prayer - yes, no, wait) I said Yes.

I didn't want her to feel sorry for her self. Instead I wanted her to give thanks in every situation. With the help of this book, she realized that you can always interpret things in different ways.

After that, we practiced giving thanks. We gave thanks that it only happen now when she is 4.5 years old. I could not imagine how hard it would be if we had to put eye patches and glasses on her when she was like 2 years old. At least now she can understand the logic and the reasons behind it and will cooperate even though she does not like it.

We also gave thanks that it happen to us and not her friends because at least we are insured.

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