Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19 Jan 2010

We have a great fun using the Chinese Lesson Plan I did last night (uh...this morning).

First thing first, we sang the verse (using the sample from Sonlight, thank you!). It does make it much easier to remember the verse.

After that we read a chapter from I Hear Good News Today (under Bible & Christian Book). It is a short story about John Mark (the one who wrote Gospel of Mark). It is actually belong to week 4 but I decided to do it in Week 5.

After that, we started our Chinese Lesson. Den listening in Chinese has improved a lot since I started to let her watch GoodTV children program. She watch around 2 hours or less every week. That really help her listening. However, her speech is another matter all together. She just does not have an environment to speak Mandarin.

So last night, I decided to plan my own lesson plan. I wanted it to be fun. I took out one of the book I bought sometime ago called Literacy Play (under Language). I like the book because it uses pretend play (or dramatic play) to teach kids vocabulary. I think it is rather fun way to play.

So I choose one of the theme included in the book -- I choose hair saloon. Ha! Rather ironic, since I tried to avoid hair salon in real life as much as possible. Hair saloon pretty much equal to dentist to me. So then why do I choose this theme? I trimmed Den's hair on Mon and since the memory still fresh, I think she would be interested in this hair cutting business.

I make up a song for our play using the tune: Did you Ever See a Lassie?

你见过理发师吗? (have you seen a hairdresser?)
理发师?理发师? (a hairdresser? a hairdresser?)
你见过理发师吗?(have you seen a hairdresser?)
他如何理头发? (what does she do?)
他洗洗头,他剪头发, (she washes hair, she cuts hair)
他电头发,他染头发 (she perms hair, she colors hair)
你见过理发师吗? (have you seen a hairdresser?)
他如何理头发? (what does she do?)

Then I make a price list and a appointment time table for her. I also downloaded some clip art from the net, so that we can make name card.

Today, we started with the Song. I also explained what is a hairdresser and what does she do, etc. After that, I took out the price list and we discussed about how much we should charged for each item. Den wrote down the price. Then I introduced the appointment time table. She wanted to open her shop from 10am-10pm because she has no husband and baby yet. :) I let her wrote down the time on the time table.

Then I left her alone to design her saloon while I prepared lunch. When I was ready, we started our play.

I was the customer and I called her to make an appointment for 11am. She wrote my name on the appointment time table at the 11am slot.

Then I went into her "saloon". She "washed" my hair, toweled it dry, "cut" it to the length that I wanted (she let me chose the style I wanted from the magazine) and then she "perm" it.

After that, she used the calculator to calculate how much I need to pay (may be next time we will use real money).

We played again and this time she was the customer. After that, when I cooked lunch, she played with her bear. The best things was we used Mandarin as much as we can during discussion and play.

It was a great success! She wanted to do it again another 5 time tomorrow. If this work, I'm going to make it a regular thing. Each week one theme.

We don't have the time to make name card yet. We will do it tomorrow or later. Let me sums up the lesson for today:

New Words:

  • 理发师(hairdresser),
  • 理发店(saloon),
  • 电发(perm),
  • 染发(coloring),
  • 吹风筒(hair dryer),
  • 价格(price),
  • 预约(appointment)

Skills Learned:

  1. Using calculator
  2. Answering phone (customer call to make appointment)
  3. making a time table

I am still contemplating whether I need to make flash card for some of the words she learned today...

After that, she also worked on a math worksheet about adding with carrying. She has no problem in completing the worksheet, just with some careless mistakes. I will let her work on a few more worksheets for the next few day and next week we can start minus with burrowing.

That's all we did today. After that was ballet and Yamaha. Another busy Tuesday.

For review & info --For K books - http://www.squidoo.com/booksforK (updated 19 Jan 2010);
Pre K books- http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel


  1. I love this idea and the fact that there is a book to jump start me with ideas. My boys love to pretend and this would thrill them to pieces!

  2. Hi Heather, hope you enjoy the book as much as I do! ^^