Saturday, June 12, 2010

Den going to 'school'

The number one question I get asked whenever I tell anyone I'm homeschooling my DD is "how about socialization?"

Especially when they found out I only have one kid!!

Den used to be a very shy kid when she was 1-3 years old. By not pushing her, slowly she learn to push her own boundary and came out of her shell. She is still not the most outgoing girl around but she is getting there ^^.

The month of June is school holiday month in SG. There are lots of school holiday programs organized by various organization. My DH and I decided to enrol her (along with two of her friends) in a speech & drama camp at the CC (community center) near our apartment.

It was a 4 days camp and ended with a class performance on the last day of camp. This was the first time Den go to any classes without mommy (except for Sunday School). I was a bit anxious about it. I was very sure she was going to enjoy the class once she settle in but I was not sure how long would it take for her to settle in since I heard so much about 1st day of school jitter.

It took her 1 min! ^^

I sent her to class, I kissed her good bye, she asked me am I going to stand outside the class waiting for her, I told her no, she looked a bit worry but did not beg me to stay, so I just turn around and left.

The teacher later told me she has no problem to participate in the class, in fact, she was selected to introduce the play even though she is one of the youngest in the class! I'm so proud of her!

There were 3 kids staying with us last weeks. From what I can observed, she has no problem to socialize with them. She can give and she can take. She prepared her two most treasured princess pyjamas for her friends to wear. She does not act any different from the 3 school going kids....may be one thing different...she has no idea what is a machine gun or laser gun when her friends mentioned them...^^


  1. My friends and I always joke about our "unsocialized" homeschooled kids. The ones who get together at church, at co-op, for weekly activities. The ones who socialize with 100 year old ladies at the nursing home and babies in the church nursery. The ones who have no problems talking to store clerks and the mailman. It is such a common misconception, but one that really couldn't be further from the truth in our case! :)

  2. Well said! Michelle! ^^

    It is hard to explain to those who have not homeschool though. I mean I know they meant well and they just want the best for Den, etc etc but it still make me mad when there is any temparory setback, family members will right away point finger and say, "See! That is because you homeschool her!"