Tuesday, May 18, 2010

16 May 2010

We have been deeply blessed by the church we attended in SG.

We walked into this Church because it was the nearest protestant church when we were staying in a service apartment during our first month in SG. We enjoyed the fellowship and the worship and Den loved the Sunday School, so we decided to stay even though now we live quite a distance away from the church.

We attend this chuch whenever we are in SG.

The past few weeks tru the sermons, God has been reminding me His calling for me when I was a teen. God called me to serve Him when I was 15 years old. I answered the call and promised to serve Him in any area He lead me into - full time minister or not, as long as He lead, I will follow.

God called me to serve in our church in MLY in year 2000. I served full time as Children Ministry coordinator for 10 years. I left the ministry on Dec 2009 when I realized He wanted me to put it down. Since then I have been asking, where He want me to serve next. Especially for the past few weeks, when He kept reminding me His calling for me.

Then the past Sunday, He answered me.

He told me loud and clear that He has ordained me as a wife and mother. That is where He wants me to serve for now.

I have never think of being a mom and wife as being in ministry. But it seems like He want me to learn to do that. Im still in the process of understanding that.

How will I do differently if im now serving in a ministry instead of just a home maker? Will I put more time into setting long time goal and planning? Will I ask God for direction and vision instead of just living day to day?

May be first thing I need to do is to put more thought into developing our family. I seldom think of that. In which direction God want our family to go? In which area God want us to better prepare our selves so that we can serve Him? In fact, DH and I have never set any goals for our family. May be we can start doing that. First, lets pray for direction.

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