Saturday, May 15, 2010

15 May 2010

One of the advantage of staying in SG for me is the opportunity to explore Den to Arts. Arts shows of any kind are rather hard to come by in MLY. SG is the opposite, there are so much to choose from.

Instead of going to swimming complex this Sat, we decided to bring Den to the Singapore National Museum because "it has transform its public spaces into creative playground for its third installation of children's Season" least that's what was written in its website....

Den was very excited about going to a museum. She woke us all up early in the morning, so that we can get ready for museum. She kept thinking she is going to be like Katie and can be transported into the the pictures in the museum. ^^ We had to warm her not to touch any pictures hanging in the museum.

We ended up did not enter the museum gallery! Because all the kids stuffs are hosted at the public area. For today, there are 4 exhibitions/activity corners -

1. Public Power: Public Secret by Twardzik Ching Chor Leng. This public artwork was a huge "public notice board" with lots of things like envelopes, containers of all shapes and sizes "stick" on it. Kids were encouraged to write down a massage (they were supposed to write a secret but I didnt think any of the kids did that) and put it into any of the containers/envelops. They can rearranged the objects on the wall as well.

Den wrote one on the way in and another one on they way out.

2. The Imaginary Story Land by Tay Bee Aye. The wall was covered with flannel and there were lots of soft pillows of all shapes and size and color for the kids to stick on the flannel wall to make up her own imaginary story.

I like the idea of letting kids play together and co-create the wall any way they wanted it. However, there was one particular volunteer at that station who was very rigid and kept interfered with the way kids wanted to play..."You are not supposed to put the pillows on the floor!"; "You need to stick the pillows this way, that way!" Hmmm...sounded like SG government and it took all the fun away.

3. Exploring Africa- Make a Tribal Mask. Den spent more than an hour there coloring an African mask. DH and I left her there to work on her mask while we sat somewhere within sight to read and talked. Den has grew so much, a far cry from the shy little girl she used to be.

While coloring, she also talked to the volunteers working there (she was the only one working on the mask without parents, so she got quite a bit of attentions from the volunteers) as well as other children and their parents. I have no idea what she talked about but she just kept going and going. ^^

After that, we went for lunch and watched a kids theatre performance by Modl Theatre (Korea) called "The Dandelion's Story". It was a good story and good performance. It is about a dirty, smelly doggy-poo, rejected by others, find her destiny in life- help dandelion grow!

Den enjoyed the show very much. I envy their theatre! How I wish we have access to such a wonderful theatre setting for our church children production! My DH think our church production are as good (or even better, according to him...I'm happy since I was the producer!) this. Our ticket was RM2 (USD 0.60)while they charged SG 21 (USD 16) here!

4. Cartoon Mural by Miel. The last station we went to. It was actually rather interesting. The cartoonist draw a hug mural about Singapore's past, present and future. I would have love to look at the mural with Den in detail and talked about Singapore's history but I was not feeling well at that time. So we did not.

As a whole the experience was positive for Den but I think there are rooms to improve. I was expecting more creative stuffs for kids to participate.

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