Monday, June 28, 2010

27 June 2010

I screamed at Den on our way home from my parents' house just now.

I totally lost it.

I planed to put in a lot of school time for the past one week since we actually stay in MLY for the whole week and did not travel. We ended up did not even do one day of school.

Some due to unexpected delay like waited for more than 2 hours to see the Orthoptist on Wed. But a lot of time it was because Den was super slow in doing the daily stuffs like eating, taking bath, etc and also her habit of deciding last min she wanted to spend nights in my parents house. 

I was getting more and more frustrated when I see our schedule on the board and nothing has been done yet. Finally today, after waited one hour for her to be ready to go home (she need to feed the dog, fish, eat durian, play with dog some more, etc etc), I lost my temper.   

When I calm down, I knew I was not very reasonable. I was letting the pressure of schooling getting on me. I mean, Den already learned more than me when I was 5 plus.

Yes, we did not have even one school day the whole week, but she finished reading 2 books from Sonlight Reader 1 - The Best Trick and Green Egg & Ham all by her self and started on another book - Little Bear today. We did math exercises and finished the read aloud book The Light At Tern Rock while waiting for the Orthoptist. We sang the Mercy Watson song while we were stuck in the jam and we played Mercy Watson games (Read about the Chinese lesson on Mercy Watson here) and we read books before we sleep.

So you see I am the one who was not reasonable. I was the one who let the pressure of the schedule pasted on my white board get to me. She is learning, just that she is not learning according to my planning.

*I updated Review for K book today.


  1. Homeschooling gives us flexibility when we need it. Your schedule is a tool, not a taskmaster. May this coming week be a joy.

    There are many days I don't feel like I've accomplished anything because it didn't go exactly how I wanted. But looking back, like you did in this post, reminds me that I made much more progress than I had thought.

    Hang in there!


  2. Thanks Luke for the encouragement! "Schedule is a tool, not a taskmaster" is a very good reminder!