Wednesday, July 7, 2010

06 July 2010

We finally finished Sonlight Week 10 last week and started week 11.

For Bible, we listened and sang about Samson, Ruth and David & Goliath (The Word & Song Bible).

For history we learned about Christopher Columbus, the new world, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving and Native American. From I Heard Good News Today (under Bible & Christian book), we also learned about Bartolomeo Las Casas who was the first priest ever to be ordained in America and he bought the gospel to the new land. These are some of the internet links we found interesting:

1. Christopher Columbus, click here.

2. For the voyage of Mayflower, the daily lives of the Pilgrims as well as the Native American at that time and the First Thanksgiving, check out this interesting site here.

Den was not too interested with this part of the history. It took me lots and lots of retelling before she can remember the story. For us the best time to review what we have learned is during those short pocket of time - waiting for bus, travelling, lining up to clear immigration, etc. It is too short for her to draw or do anything else and yet too bore to be do nothing. So she usually participate in the review willingly (doing something is better than doing nothing! haha).

To spark her interest with the Native American, I let her watched Pocahontas. This is the only Disney princess movie she had not watched. I told her she can watch it only after she can tell me about Christopher Columbus, Pilgrims, First Thanksgiving, etc. She did, so she watched the movie last week.

One night when she was drawing, she decided to draw a picture of a Native American couple. From the picture, you can tell she especially fascinating with their head dress.

For Science, we learned in week 10, the 6 features of all living things (Need air, need food, make babies, can move, sensitivity and produce waste); we also learned about different type of animals - Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, creepy-crawlies and water life. I was going high and low looking for the Wee Sing Animals Animals Animals CD because the first song in the CD talk about different type of animals! But I don't seems to be able to find it...may be I lend it to someone...I don't remember! (In fact, after I typed those word, I started another search! Still cant find it!)

In week 10, we also learned about animals and plants cells. To remind Den about this, we reread the interesting science book we read last year What's Smaller Than A Pygmy Shrew? (under Science 2) that not only talk about cells but also molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons and quarks! I know it sounds crazy to talk about all these with a 4-5 years old but the book make everything sound so interesting. Believe it or not, this is one of Den favorite book to read.

Any way, this year we learned a bit more about the differences between animals and plants cell (I didn't know about this! Must has been daydreaming in science class!!!) - animal cells have a skin called membrane, inside the membranes is watery gel. While plant cell has a tough cell wall that give them a fixed shape.

To explain this better to Den, I decided to do 3D models of the cells suggested in Sonlight IG. I cooked the jello, put it into 2 plastic bags. I put one of the bags into a clear plastic container. I also added some cereals into the jello to represent organelles within cells. I put the jello in the refrigerator and took them out 2 hours later and let Den played with them. The jello inside the plastic container representing Plants' cell (with tough cell wall), the other one is Animals' cell. Den loved this, not only she get to play with Jello, she get to eat some too. ^^

For week 10 science we also looked at the Science Activities and the DVD that goes hand in hand with the book. We love the experiments we were supposed to do - making craft dough and bread! but I don't see how it related to what we have learned in science this week. We ended up did not do the experiment last week because we were out of flour and our yeast was expired!! We plan to do it this week...if we manage to buy flour and yeast.

We started week 11 Bible verse.
"Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies. ~ Psalm 34:13"
We already know this verse from Hide 'Em In Your Heart Vol 1 (under Bible & Christian), so it was not a problem for Den to remember the verse.

We also read 4 poems from The Llama Who Has No Pajamas (we were supposed to read two but every time we read this book, we just don't seems to be able to stop! I finally decided we might as well finish it before the schedule and read another poem book later on) and 3 pages of Mother Goose (both under Poem).

On top of that, Den did a few pages of math & writing worksheets. We also played our Mercy Watson Chinese games. Den finished reading another 2 books on her own - Little Bear & Put Me In The Zoo (both under Sonlight Reader 1).

This week did not start off well...I have been sick since Sunday. Den also have slight fever yesterday. So to prevent her from catching the virus from me, she has been staying with my we have not done any school since Sunday.

* I updated Review for K Books today*

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