Friday, July 16, 2010

16 July 2010

I've been sick for more than a weeks. I was too weak to take care of Den during that time. So she stayed with my parents most of the time. Needless to say, we have to stop school for awhile.

Today is the first we resumed school. We are in SG. So instead of our usual books, we decided to read the books we borrowed from SG library the last time and have not had the chance to read.

We read 2 Chinese books and 3 English book. The one we love the most is the one that talk about probability! It is called "It's Probably Penny" (under Math). It talk about a teacher using Jelly beans to teach kids about the concept of probability - Will, Might, Can't, Tiny chance, Impossible, Equal Chances and Unequal Chances. Later on, homework is given and we follow Penny (one of the students) home and see how she come up with examples to do her home works on probability! Den and I did the homework together too. This is what we have come up with:

A) Predict three events for this weekend:
  1. One that WILL happen - We will eat dinner every night.
  2. One that MIGHT happen - We might eat in S11 tomorrow night
  3. One that CAN'T happen-  We will have dinner in MLY this weekend.
B) Think of two different evets:
  1. One has a TINY chance of happening - We will go to library this weekend
  2. One is impossible- den become an angel.
C) Write about an event that has three or more EQUALLY possible outcomes - May be we will go to a Mall or Swimming Pool or stay home tomorrow.

D) Tell about an event with several possible out comes that are NOT equally likely. Put them in order from the MOST likely to happen to the LEAST likely - What we are going to do on Sunday?
  • Go to church (most likely)
  • Go to a mall (next most likely)
  • Go to a zoo (least likely)
This is a fun and interesting way to learn about probability. I just loves all this math books in SG library.

Besides that, Den started another Dr. Seuss book for her Sonlight Reader 1 - One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (under Sonlight Reader 1). She read 27 pages, might read more tonight. I wont be surprised if she finish it by tomorrow.

We also looked at some of the internet link for Week 10 science. This are some of the interesting links:

1) Games about animals:
2) Slide show to learn more about animals, click here.

3)Games that teach about germs, click here

4) See the animals/plants/virus/bacterias' cell here.

We wanted to go down to the playground but it started to rain, so I let Den read from one of her favorite reading site It is one of my favorite too because it is free! haha!

*Book for K is updated today.

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