Friday, July 23, 2010

23 July 2010

I realized we have been studying individuals stories in the Bible and I had not linked them up for Den for sometime now. So this week we concentrate in retelling the timeline of the Bible stories that we had read so far (we are at King David now).

I also realized there are some important individuals that are not covered in the Word & Song Bible (under bible) - Gideon, Deborah,Samuel and King Saul. I decided to add in the stories of all this important figures during the retelling.

It took us hours for the retelling from Creation to King David! So we used a few days to finish it. These are some of the Bibles I used to help me tell the stories that are not covered in Word & Song Bible (If you want to read my review on each individual Bible, please click on the title of the Bible)-

Pray & Play Bible (under Bible)- Again and again, I can say enough good things about this book and the Vol 2. Love it.

 People of the Bible (under Bible part 2)

The Young Learner's Bible Storybook (under Bible part 2)

My Book of Bible Rhymes (under Bible)- I bought this from garage sales a few years back. Only starting to used it. We enjoy reading the rhymes after we read the corresponding stories.

Since Den is reading now, I wanted to build up her daily devotional habit as soon as possible. I wanted to buy the Beginner's Bible for her (from Sonlight Reader 2) but before I can get the Bible, I decided to  looked through my kids Bibles (I had quite a collection...worked in Children Ministry for 10 years) and see if I can get anything for her to read at the mean time. I  found one that was given by a friend a few years ago. It is very simple and it cover most of the people in the Bible. It is called God Loves Me Bible (under Bible part 2). Den love the idea that she can now read Bible her self and has been doing it everyday this week.

She has finished all the Reader 1 books except for the last one. No! I did not push her to read! In fact, I have to keep the books hidden so that she cant get her hand on them. Every time I took a new one out, her eyes lighted up as if she see a new candy! If this keep up, hmm..we have another book worm in the making! This week so far she finished
 A Fly Went By

and A Big Ball of Strings.

A friend from Church is going to lend me her Sonlight Reader 2 intermediate this Sunday. I will see if it is too difficult for Den. If it is too difficult for her then I will have to go find some other readers for her.

*Updated Book For K today.

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