Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 & 3 July 2009

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Den has been having very high fever since Sunday morning. We had not been studying. Don't think we should stressed her brain now. :)

However, I continue to read to her whenever she wanted it.

This is the write up about last Thursday (2 July). I had no time to update it until now. Hmm...I hope I still remember what we did...

Den and I both woke up early today because of the reno downstairs. It has been on and off for awhile now. Wonder when is it going to be done.

We started school at 11am. We have a very difficult new verse today:

Some people made cutting remark, but the words of the wise bring healing. ~Proverbs 12:18

As you can see, there were lots of explanation - cutting remark, words of the wise, bring healing, etc. We took some time to discuss and gave examples, etc and we prayed that God would help us to be wise and always bring healing and not hurts.

Then we read 2 Bible stories - Angel appear to Shepherds and The Wise men visit.

After that I decided to let her do one more lesson on Phonic (even though we did one on Monday). We learn a new sound for "e" (end). We already learned one "e" (eat) sound long long time ago and now is a new one. I get confused some time but Den seem to be doing fine. She had no problem in differentiating the sounds.

Then we work on her Chinese. I read her a story form 中国童话大师经典丛书 -葛翠琳童话(Popular RM27). Then we did Flash cards and 2 worksheets. I also let her write " 过" today.

She also worked on 4 money worksheets and 1 worksheet on Auditory Memory (for detail check out my 26 June 2009 blog). She had a perfect score on auditory memory worksheet today, even with the 4 directions given. :)

We only school in the morning because this was the day for our quarterly house cleaning day. :)

After lunch, we cleaned house together. I vacuumed and cleaned the house and Den helped to dust the entrance gate, shoes cabinet and the main door. After that she watched Chinese Cartoon on GoodTV while I finished off.

On Friday (3 July), W&W&EE came over to play. We spent the afternoon painting cards for MA. Is her birthday next week. I draw the picture for them and they used the water color to paint. Den and EE went one step further (they did it before W&W arrived). They painted their princesses with color pencil and background on water color. Then I cutout the princesses for them and paste them on their paper.

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