Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 July 2009

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Another good for everything but homeschool day. haha! I slept at 5am and woke up at 6am to go to IKEA membership sales!! We wanted to make sure we get the wonderful dinning set that matches all our furniture. It was RM599 but for a limited period today (7am-930am, while stocks last) the price was slashed down to RM199!! What a fabulous duel! Plus the delivery and assemble service, we paid the total of RM260 for a table and 4 chairs that looked right at home in our kitchen! So happy.

We finished our purchase at 730am and ate breakfast in IKEA. After that we decided to walk around IKEA to avoid the morning rush hour. However, IKEA delivery guy called us at 815am and said they will be at our house at 9am!! We were like, WHAT? We were still at IKEA! haha! So we asked them to come a bit later and at the same time, we rushed back home. Blessed, the traffic was not too heavy today.

By 1030am, our new dinning set has been assembled and displayed in our kitchen. Then we picked up Den from my parents' place (she spent the night there so that she didn't have to wake up so early today).

We did some school from Noon to 1pm. We practiced the Bible verse, read 2 Bible stories - Jesus and His disciples and the miracle of turning water to wine.

Then we look at A Child's Book of Art and A First Word Bank. Today, we read about opposite. This was the first time I introduced the word 'opposite' to Den. She was familiar with the concept of opposite even though she did not know that's what it was called.

I tested her after that. I said something and she would have to give me the opposite. For example, I said, 'cold' and she replied 'hot' etc. She had no problem in doing that except for a few we cant agreed on - I said, 'sunny day' (and expected 'rainy day') but she said, 'snowy day'! haha!

We cant do Mother Goose today because ST was using the PC, so we read 2 poem from Animals Animals. One of the poem mentioned the word - igloo. I taught her Igloo in 07 May 2009 when we talked about different types of houses. I was so surprised to find out that not only she remembered what Igloo was, she remembered it was for the people who stay in North pole!! She also remembered no one stay in South Pole except for the scientist!

We also read a familiar poem/song "Over in the meadow" from the Children book of virtue. Then she worked on her scrapbook (she was supposed to trace the word 'girl' and draw a girl from yesterday lesson but she forgotten all about it) and did her Yamaha homework.

We had lunch and then my friend SY and her bb boy came for visit.

While SY tried to settle her son down for a nap, I quickly went tru Chinese flesh card with Den. She get most of the words now. Then before I can count how many stickers she got today, she started to count for me, in this manner - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10....all the way to 28! I was so surprised. That's the way I always count her flesh cards point (because 2 words in one card) but I have never taught her to count that way.

I told ST about it. He decided to test her and asked her to count in 3. She did! 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and up to 18! She did it with 4 too! We were so amazed (at least I was! ST looked cool!) Then ST asked her let said if she was going to buy 3 set of things, in each set there are 6 items, so how many things would she get? She said it was 6+6+6. She knew 6+6 =12 but she got 12+6 wrong! I was just so happy because she understand it was 6+6+6! that mean I should start teaching her time table?

After that I let her do 2 Chinese revision worksheets and 2 Money worksheets while I have a good chat with SY. Every time I talked with SY, I realized how my memory failed me. I can only recalled very little of what I did with Den when she was her son's age (1+) which is why I need to continue to write this blog. I also encourage SY to start writing her own blog. It will be a good memory tracker as well as therapeutic. :) Those thousands of words that you did not say everyday because we are too busy with kid and life, now we can say them in blog! :)

That pretty much summed up what we did for Sonlight week 22, there are still 2 stories that I am going to tell her as bed time story and Mother Goose. I think we can do that either tomorrow or Saturday. We are taking a break from schooling for awhile (so happy!). Shall resume the blog when we resume schooling...might be awhile.

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