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09 July 2009

For review & info of most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to (updated 09 July 2009)

Ok, may be I pushed her too hard today....Den fallen asleep on car ride back from Subang Parade...she had not do that for a long long time...

I have not been giving Den any fever medicine since yesterday morning (Wed) since she only has slight fever (around 100F, slight to us, we only give medicine when the fever goes up to 102F). She is still on antibiotic though :(

I thought since she has kind of recover and slept 11 hours, we should go back to our normal schooling today. May be I should have take into consideration that even though she slept 11 hours, her slept was very restless. Her nose was stuck tru the night. I wanted to get more done this few weeks because of we are going for vacation soon.

She woke up late, around 11am. After simple breakfast, we started school with Bible verse. She can get the whole verse now almost without any help. Then we read the last story from Stories From Africa. We loved this book. It is well written for read aloud. Very simple and yet touching. Today we read about a real story about little girl name Dija who had leprosy. She ran away from home so that she can get help in a house of medicine (for leprosy). There she met a kind Christian lady who also has leprosy. Dija accepted Christ and she was healed too. I almost cried when I read about her difficult journey in searching for the house of medicine. We really enjoyed the book. I will definitely tell some of this stories in Sunday School. I think it is very important to tell good stories to kids. They might forget the theories or teachings but good stories and good songs stay with them tru their lives.

Last month, during our holiday kids camp, we told 6 stories in 6 sessions. The kids loved the stories. They can identified with the stories and they remembered the stories. The problem is something it is hard to get a good story.

After that, we prayed and then we read another wonderful book called Is A Blue Whale The Biggest Thing There Is? It is under Science. It is a short little book about...not whale...but UNIVERSE! (Read my review at

This is the first time I introduce the topic to her. Thanks to the book, she seemed to enjoy it very much, we talked about planets, stars, solar system, milky way and finally the universe. I also took out the book my friend Meg gave her a book last year about planets - it has photo and pictures of each planets.

My parents are getting a new dog soon, I asked Den if she wanted to name the dog after one of the planet. She agreed and chosen "Pluto". I kind of like "Jupiter" or "Mercury".

After that we draw on her scrapbook. We draw a tiny Sweden, a whale, a tall Mount Everest, a bigger Earth, a hug Sun and finally a hug milky way.

After that we practiced Chinese flesh card, she almost get all of them correct. I let her work on 2 revision worksheets.

Then we had lunch. ST cooked! Yes!

It took her one hour to have lunch. Sore throat make it hard for her to swallow.

After lunch, we read a story from Stories From Around The World. This time is a story from Persia. It is about a girl who tried to escape arranged marriage by hiding in a lamp. Finally she fallen in love with a prince and married the prince. I talked to Den about arranged marriage in the past. She did seem interested. :)

I also continue our study about money. I took out a 50 sens and asked her to give me different ways to make up 50 sen (for example, two 20sens +one 10sens; five 10sens, etc). She did very well but took a lot of concentration.

Later on, I let her work on 2 worksheets about money and 3 from Handwriting Without Tears. After that she watched her Chinese cartoon.

After dinner we went out to Subang Parade, Den and I went to MPH while ST went and bought some stuffs. After an hour or so, Den request to go home! It never happen before!! So we knew she must has been exhausted. True enough, she fallen asleep in the car.

May be we should not study tomorrow.

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