Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 July 2009

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It has been a very eventful day. :)

I started the day thinking it was going to be a slow and steady, just nice for homeschool I took about an hour hug hug Den after she woke up at 10am and then another hour practicing piano after her breakfast.

Then when we finally settle down for school it was 1230 already. We had a new verse today:

"A wise man restrains his anger. ~Proverbs 19:11"

To explain the word 'restrain', I held Den tightly and asked her to struggle to get away. Then I explained to her, a wise man restrains his anger, even when he really really want to get angry, he can still hold his anger tightly and not let go. I think I need this verse more than her. :)

After that we read two Bible stories - one on Jesus' baptism and the other on Jesus tempted by Satan. It is very interesting to note that in the Bible that we used Family-Time Bible In Pictures (part of Sonlight preK program), it pointed out in the 2nd story the reason that Satan tried to temp Jesus. This is what it said,

"Do you remember how Satan tempted Adam and Eve to disobey God? and when they did, it caused all the rest of us to have sinful hearts? Well, when Satan saw that Jesus had come to give us new, pure hearts and to make us good, Satan tried to stop him."

I have never thought of why would Satan tempted Jesus. I just kind of thought, it tried to tempt anyone who want to get close to God. :)

After that we practiced Phonic. Before we can finished the lesson (it was a long passage for her to read today), SE called and asked if I could take care of W&W for an hour. Of cause, I said yes, Den is always happy when her friends come over to play. I had to stop the lesson half way, and get her to eat lunch right away, or else she wont be able to play when her friends arrived.

That motivated her to finish her lunch faster. But still not fast enough. W&W came before she can finished lunch. They played by them selves while Den finished off her lunch.

After that, 3 of them kind of entertained themselves and no supervision was needed. I cleaned the kitchen, straighten up the rooms (is my weekly cleaning day again). They played UNO, dressing up and finally reading books in the study room. Last week, Shu Teng's aunt gave Den lots of books (her grand children recently migrated) and they were having fun reading them together when SE came over to pick up W&W.

After W&W left, I started school with Den again. We finished off the phonic practice and started to read Mother Goose. Half way tru, ST came in and told me something wrong with the car (now, fixed) and also he need to use the study room for teleconferencing and everyone had to be very very quite while he is at it.

So I ended up letting Den watch more Chinese cartoon from 430-545!!! She is really hooked with the Chinese cartoon nowadays. Today, I gave her the choice of watching goodtv Chinese cartoon or Disney playhouse (Astro 613) in my mom place (She is spending the nite there), she actually choose Goodtv.

So we kind of like did not do much with school today but I think it is alright. Schooling is a long term process.

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