Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8 July 2009

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Den has been having high fever since Sunday. Almost did not respond to normal fever medicine - still went up 102F with medication. Finally, when we get her to doc on Mon night and got antibiotic (I hate to use that but doc insisted) and a stronger fever medicine (didn't realize there is a stronger medicine!). She responded well to the stronger medicine but had to take it every 6-7 hours or else the fever is up high again. Only until this morning, she only have slight fever 100F even though her last fever med was 8 hours ago. I decided to wait and see and did not give her any fever med. Her fever never goes up above 100.5F. Thank God for that. If she is still running with high fever, we need to send her for blood test tomorrow morning.

She has been like a monkey despite the fever, so we were not too worry. Thanks for all the prayers!

We did not do much when she was sick. I read 3-4 Chinese stories, 1 chapter of Milly Molly Mandy for her and she also spent more than an hours playing/reading Dr. Seuss's ABC. Most of the time, she just wanted to read her self. So we set her up in an AC room comfortably and let her read.

Since she only had light fever today, I asked her if she wanted to study. At first, she said no, she just wanted to play. I let her be, even though I knew she would get bored soon and asked me to study with her. True enough, at 1pm, she begged me to study with her.

We practiced the long verse together, surprisingly, she can almost said out the whole verse without much assistance. May be because I have been quoting this verse quite often in our conversation tru out the week to remind her not to make cutting remark especially to her friend (she like to tease EE).

After that we read a Bible story about Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem when he was 12 and also a short wanted ad titled "Boy Wanted" from The Children's Book of Virtues. In the ad it pointed out the right attitude of a boy. I might not agreed with everything (too conservative for my taste, but then the ad came out early 1990, so what can I said) but quite an interesting read.

We prayed and then we start phonic lesson. I was debating if I should do phonic with her since she was sick. I decided to go ahead because we had not have any phonic lesson this week. It was a wrong call. She cant concentrate well and got upset when she cant get the words. She still finished the lesson but was tired after that. I think it was too stressful for her.

After phonic, I switched to something lighter and she enjoyed. We looked at paintings from A Child's Book of Art and a poem about frying fox from Eric Carle's Animals Animals.

We had porridge after that and then we hug hug for about an hour. She was bored with hug hug and asked me to read her mother goose and I did. We read 5 poem and looked at the stuffs I found online - How many miles to Babylon, Lavender's Blue, Hector Protector, Ladybird, Bells of London. The only I cant find anything about is Hector Protector, the rest I have pictures and music and some with movie. I even found a Disney version of Lavender's Blue and she loved it. Watched it twice and begged me to let her watch it again. I loaded as much as I can to this site for you to download (if you have no permission to access, pls contact me)

That's all the time we had before her Chinese cartoon. We might do some worksheets together in the evening. Let's see how is she doing first.

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