Thursday, September 10, 2009

Part I -Eye Checkup

Den went tru operation on Wed (9 Sept 2009) morning 9am to correct her squint.

Since we found out about her squint and astig, we got a lot of question on how did we find out. It seems like it is not a command practice for the parents in Malaysia to bring their young children for routine eye check up.

We wanted to bring Den for an eye check up when she was 2 years old but did not know where to go to. I cant find a development optometrist. Finally got her to check her eye at a normal optometrist when she knew all her ABC quite well. She was almost 3 years old. We did not suspect anything is amiss, just wanted to make sure. We did the same with dental check up. We brought her along whenever we went to dentist so that dentist can have a look at her teeth. So far she has no problem with her teeth.

I wished the same can be said about her eyes.

The optometrist told us that Den has astig on both eyes (power 100) and suggested us to get her a pair of glasses right away. We refused. We asked around and was told we should get her to an eye specialist, an ophthalmologist.

After some research and recommendation from friends and relatives, we decided to bring her to Dr. Choong; for eye check up. Dr. Choong confirmed she has astig and told us that 20% of Chinese kids born with astig. It is due to our eye sockets are too narrow and thus pushed our eye ball to oval shape (instead of round). Sometime when the kid grow up, her eye sockets will grow deeper and the astig might disappear.

Dr. Choong thought it was not necessary for Den to wear glasses for the time being because the power was not too high and she was not in school yet. He asked us to come back for check up in 6 month time. He did not notice anything else was wrong with Den's eyes.

6 months later, August 2009, we went back for check up. This time, the optometrist in Dr. Chong's clinic found out Den's right eye has no astig power but her left eye astig power has increased to 200. She also saw squint on her eyes.

Dr. Choong checked Den and told us that because of the squint, Den's brain was only using her right eyes and not her left eye. In other word, she has no 3D vision and it was very hard for her to judge depth. He told us we need to get her glasses for her astig and operation for her squint as soon as possible, so that her brain can relearn how to use both eyes. He also told us the operation can only tighten her eye ball muscle but no guarantee her brain would be able to use both eye after the operation. Needless to say,We were shocked.

After we came home, I did some research on the internet and found out that may be we should see an orthoptist for second opinion. We are ok for her to go tru operation but very worry that what if even after the operation her brain still refused to use both eyes? It seems like there are lots of kids who went tru multiple operations because after 1 operation, their brain still refused to use both eyes so after awhile their eyes drifted apart again.

So I started to search for an orthoptist in Malaysia. Surprise! I can only find 2 orthoptist listing in Malaysia. One in KL and the other one in Sarawak! We called up Ms Chu, the orthoptist in KL and went for check up. It was very inconvenient. Her clinic is in Jln Ipoh and she doesn't take appointment. First come first serve and she takes a long long time with her patients and so the wait can be rather tiring. Having said all that, we were so so glad we found her, it was well worth the afford.

Ms Chu did a detail check up on Den's eye. It took her an hour. She drew up a chart to show us the exact degrees of her eyes have drifted apart. She also found out that Den was using two eyes when she was looking at something near and only Right eye when looking at distance which was a big relief for us.

She suggested us to get her a pair of glasses as soon as possible and also do daily patching. At the same time she did not rule out surgery was a fastest way to correct her squint.

After much consideration, ST and I decided to opt for operation. Then may be follow up with therapy with Ms Chu if it is necessary.

It is very important to bring your kids for routine eye check up. We can never tell that Den has squint from her look. In fact, most of our friends and relatives were very surprised. I will recommend Ms Chu, the orthoptist for routine check up. This is her clinic address & detail:

Ms KC Chu
K.C. Chu Orthoptic Centre
Unit 4c,
4th Floor Bangunana UMNO Selangor,
142 Jalan Ipoh,
51200 KL


Opening hour:
Mon, Thurs, Fri 9-5
Tues & Wed 9-1
Sat 8-11

She specialize in:
Visual assessment - screening & general orthoptics
Lazy eye
Double vision


  1. thanks. i have the same problem with yr kid. squint and astigmatism. i met with k.c chu but now the only thing to do is monitoring my squint angle because it is variable.

  2. hi hafaz, when did you reliaze you have squint? Did you operate?