Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chick Study Day Three

We finished the last two lessons about chicken from Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock:

Lesson 6: Feet

-The functions of feet

-Chicken are fast runners (didn't know that!)

-Compare chicken's feet with duck's feet.

Lesson 7: Chicken ways

- Chicken communicate through different way of clucking, cheeping, peeping, etc - Never realized that! I thought they just keep clucking away without reason instead different way of clucking has different meaning!

Besides using the handbook, I also found some interesting things from the net and I decided to make them into part of our Chicken study. Today, we look at some of the different breeds of chicken - there are over 100 breeds! 

We also study a little bit about egg today, we will continue this the next lesson and that led me to my GREAT DISCOVERY- I discovered yesterday through internet researching, hen doesn't need rooster to have eggs! It is just that the egg she has without a rooster is unfertilized egg and will never hatched!!!! Eggs that we buy from stores are mostly unfertilized eggs! I never know that! And almost everyone I talked to, never knew that either! 

We put some of these info in a page:

Inside the little yellow chick ("Growing Up") we include the following info:

- Chick grow a comb at about 3 weeks old, in other words, Chicka Chicka and Boom Boom are not yet 3 weeks old;

-Chick usually considered fully grown by 6 months old;

- Hen starts laying egg at about 18-20 weeks old;

-She lays 1 egg at a time

-She can lay egg every 24-26 hours.

I also printed out 4 short stories about chicken and let Den read to me one story a day. I get a lot of this idea from lapbook page at but I decided not making a lapbook, just make some note pages and I will stable them together when we are done.

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